Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Toy

I've been meaning to write more since last week but I've been experiencing major issues with the most important of electronic equipment in my house--my computer.  I have a nearly 4 year old Dell desktop that has been giving me problems since I first took it out of the box in 2008.  It always had trouble connecting to the internet, and eventually it began having other issues.  Lately, the computer has been doing this crazy thing where it shuts down in the middle of me using it, with no notice whatsoever.  FUN.  I've been extremely irritated that I've lost everything I've worked on during those times, and have been tempted to drop kick the thing straight through a window.  The problem with that was that the window didn't deserve such punishment, and the computer deserved worse.  After the computer randomly shut down on me on Saturday, in the middle of me creating a new blog post and downloading the new Jason Mraz song from iTunes, I'd had enough.  Seriously, it took everything in me to keep from destroying the computer where it stands.

I did a little research and figured out that I was going to buy a Toshiba or a Sony Vaio.  I read great reviews on both, plus my sister has a Vaio and my parents have a Toshiba--both gave their computers great reviews.  I went to Staples and Best Buy, and wound up purchasing this purdy little thing on Monday night.

It has this cool textured cover that feels like a more geometric golf ball.  I hit a snag, though, when I went to set it up last night.  I turned it on and immediately tried to download iTunes.  At the end of the download, the computer froze up and I had to hit the kill switch to restart it.  Yes, with a brand new computer.  I immediately told Hubby that I wanted to return it, because I don't think a new computer should ever seize up on me like that THE FIRST TIME THAT I TURN IT ON.  He told me that I was being irrational and that sometimes that stuff happens.  I tend to disagree, but he convinced me to keep giving it a try.  I continued downloading updates, and continued to have problems, with downloads taking ridiculous lengths or time and stopping mid-download for no apparent reason. (sigh)  So now, I'm trying to decide if I want to return it.   Sometimes I wonder if dealing with technology is really worth it.  I know that I need a computer, but do the headaches ever end?

Hopefully I'll be able to work on the blog post I was working on this past Saturday some night this week, once I get this computer mess straightened out.

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Amy Rene said...

hope it all works out for you! new computers can be frustrating some times!

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