Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas List - Part 2

Mom's been asking for more Christmas ideas, so here I am with Part 2.  And believe me, I'm never short on ideas for awesome gifts.  It's so much better to get things I dream about than a bunch of random lotions or generic pajamas.  I still can't believe that Pete is already done shopping for me.  I have NO idea what he could have gotten me before seeing my list.  I guess it will a big, fat Christmas surprise. :)

Here are my latest lovelies:

Erin Condren Planner

This planner is ADORABLE.  While I like to fancy myself a technology buff (considering my numerous bouts with Palm Pilots, the iPhone, etc.), there's something about a handwritten planner that makes life seem complete.  The site that sells these,, also makes something like this as an Address Book, which I'd be equally excited about receiving.

Laptop Sleeve

I need a laptop sleeve for my new computer, so what better than one with a simple but fun Coach logo?  Truth be told, I'd take any kind of laptop sleeve with a fun print.  I just don't want a boring black one.  Blech.

Odd Size Measuring Spoons
I can't get enough of cooking and baking, and I love getting new tools for my craft.  My current measuring spoon sets don't have the odd sizes, like the 1/8th tsp. or 1/3 tsp.  I think having these would bring me one step closer to feeling like an old Italian grandma who has every cooking tool known to mankind.  And I could stop having to guess about the odd measurements, because I hate guessing when it comes to baking.


This Nikon Coolpix camera has a super-zoom, which excites me in a way that I didn't think a camera could.  Ideally I'd get a fancy DSLR, but this would be just fine for me considering my photo-taking habits.  Pocket-sized is the way to go at this time in my life.

Vera Bradley CheckbookCover

YES, I STILL CARRY A CHECKBOOK.  I may be the last person under 50 to do so, but I don't care.  I just feel like I need to have it.  Like an oddball monetary security blanket.  Even if I'm the only one who sees it (I use my debit card in public), I'd like to have a fun checkbook cover.  Just makes me feel pretty.

Wireless Mouse

I bought this awesome laptop but feel like a little wireless mouse would round out the whole package.  This touchpad is nice and all, but I miss the feel and the control of a mouse.  This funky white one would match my laptop perfectly.

Vineyard Vines Snowman Pajama Pants

I have always loved the cute patterns that Vineyard Vines uses on everything from Men's ties to totebags, and the prints just make my heart sing a happy little jingle.  These pj pants are no exception!  These pants have a super-cute cartoony snowman theme, and honestly, I miss snowmen.  Ain't no snowmen in Florida, so I might as well get them on my pajama pants.

Apple Cozie

And now for something random.  I saw these in a friend's Etsy shop, Kusala Knitworks, and I thought it was friggin adorable.  Is not only a crazy cute and a conversation piece, but it solves a problem for me--it will help keep my apples from getting bruised on my way to work everyday.

As you can see, my Christmas list just keeps on growing.  And if there's a snowball's chance in hell of me having a super-faboo Christmas, these ideas will help and reduce the number of post-holiday re-gifts.  Yay!

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Mademoiselle Michael said...

I still carry a checkbook too! You are not the only one! :) It definitely makes me feel more "safe." And, cute cooking utensils are a MUST. You pretty much HAVE to get them :) MademoiselleMichael

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