Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Stress, Friday Relief

It's Thursday, and man, am tired.  Things have been beyond crazy work lately. I have so many things going on and it's all I can do to just keep up.  The concept of being proactive is just WAY outside of my realm of possibility right now.  I'm simply treading water, waiting for the ridiculousness to pass so I can move on to bigger and better projects.
Some of you may know that I work in Human Resources for a large company.  My job title is "Human Resources Business Partner", and when people ask me what the hell that is, I have a hard time explaining to them what I do all day.  "I manage employee relations, executive coaching, employee engagement and roll-outs of HR initiatives within the business units I support." It just sounds like a bunch of corporate gibberish, I know.  I have a weird job that not everyone gets.

Part of this weird job that I have is managing employee matters for people at all levels within the company, from warehouse workers to Executive Vice Presidents.  One part of my job that I find completely maddening are the politics of my job, which is prevalent in ALL companies, not just big ones like mine.  Politics are particularly rampant at the most senior levels of the company, where the interworkings are like a chess match.  And I don't know how to play chess.  Keeping up with the politics at work is completely exhausting for me, but I'm getting better at it.

So today, after a crazy day of eliminating 5 positions in four states, counseling employees and managing the obscene number of emails in my inbox, my department's Senior Vice President asks me to meet with her before the end of the day to talk about our meeitng with an executive yesterday.  I expected to be raked over the coals for something (I wasn't sure what, but giving people shit for minutae is her MO), but I had no idea what.  When we met, she wound up asking me all of these questions about my take-aways form that meeting and what nuances I caught during the conversation.  She was testing my listening, comprehension and critical thinking skills.  I managed to answer all of her questions well and we had some lively discussion about the issues, but I still didn't like being quizzed.  Ugh.  Not what I needed today.  At.  All.

I'm trying to take this all in stride because my boss eluded to changes coming 2012. He told me that the wants me to get exposure to more executive-level leaders because it might help me get promoted next year.  I REALLY want that, but I don't want to get my hopes up.  They've been dashed before.

I couldn't be happier that tomorrow is Friday.  Friday is *supposed* to be a slow day at work since I only have one scheduled meeting, but crazy things erupt on Fridays, so who really knows.  What I do know is that Friday is one day closer to the elation of ending the week, spending the weekend without thinking about work once and simply taking a mental vacation from stress.  I hope you all have a fabulous Friday!

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