Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Little Good News Before the Holidays

I mentioned in post awhile back that my Hubby's company announced that they were going to be closing his division on December 15.  This was terrible news for Pete because he'd never lost a job before, and he was unsure about his future.  I was concerned about our future, not because I didn't think he would find another job (he's super smart and could do so much), but because I knew that working in this industry was not my Hubby's cup of tea.  I just want him to smile when he thinks about his full-time job instead of frown.

A few weeks ago, the company came back to Pete and said that they are going to temporarily place everyone in his division on a new project to keep them employed.  This is tremendous news!  The one problem is that this new assignment is only slated to last between 9 months and 1.5 years.  Booooo.   Pete went to training last week and starts his new job next week.

I'm SO incredibly grateful that Pete has retained a job (thankfully with comparable pay and benefits), but I'm going to help him start looking for other opportunities after the new year.  I think we need to find something stable and long-term for him, at least while he's getting his footing in the radio industry.  Eventually we're hoping he can make that his career, but for now, a job that pays the bills and isn't loathed will be superb.  We'll work on it.

All in all, a happy message while heading into the holidays, and it's one of the many things I will be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Yay!

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