Friday, November 4, 2011

My Christmas List - Part I

Every year my parents and sister ask me to make them a Christmas list, to give them "general direction" on what to buy me every year.  Yeah, I know that most people stop making Christmas lists once they hit college, but my parents kept asking for it... and I kept delivering because I wanted presents that I didn't have to sneakily return the week after Christmas.  So me doing a list was really more self-serving than anything.  I'm selfish that way.

So my mom just asked me where my Christmas list was, because apparently it's late.  I wasn't aware of this mystery due date, but her little comment was my cue to get moving on it.  I've been racking my brain to figure out what I want this year.  It really shouldn't be this hard, but I got married this year and got a CRAZY amount of gifts.  I have very few "needs" right now, but a mountain of "wants".  Afterall, it's not kosher to give the bride a new handbag or beauty products for her wedding (but I totally wish it was).

So far, lists consists of:

A Kindle Fire

This Book for my Kindle:
Because I love some Mindy Kaling.  Like more than anyone else on TV.

I want a Kindle because I don't currently own one and everyone says it will change my life.  I hope it changes my life the same way my DVR changed my life.  And it really did change my life.  I usually don't have much time for reading but being an avid reader is one of my lifetime aspirations.  I enjoy reading but feel guilty sitting down to read a book when I have housework and cooking and the dog and blah blah blah to do.  I have to get over that.

I'm also a huge handbag collector.  Over the years I've sold some of my bags to make room for newer, more fashionable bags, and it's been awhile since I've given a beautiful handbag a new home in my handbag closet (yes, I have a special cabinet just for handbags).

I want this beautiful specimen of a handbag:
or this magnificent marvel of handbag spendor:

with this fricken adorable wallet:

Actually, I love everything Kate Spade, all the time.  I haven't met a KS bag I didn't like.  Hopefully I see one of these babies stuffed beneath my Christmas tree this year.

I also want a Clarisonic:

I think I'm the last girl on earth to get one of these things.  But damn it, enough is enough.  I want healthy, glowing skin!

This list is To Be Continued...


Aspiring Kennedy said...

that red KS purse, the mindy kaling book, and a clarisonic... YES! i hope santa buys in bulk so i can snag a few of these, too!

meghan said...

I like the first kate spade purse. Very pretty. And good choices overall.

Fun to find another tampa blogger!

chanel said...

I wonder how I get my mom to ask me for a Christmas list. Or better yet, my in-laws so we don't end up with the usual funky presents. I own the Clarisonic and there is simply nothing that compares. I hope you get it because you will be obsessed.

xo chanel

Asian Girl said...

i like your Christmas's list so much :X

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