Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Magic and Twin Love

I got home yesterday from spending a couple of days down at my parents' house in Venice.  It was such a great Christmas!  I ate WAYYY too much, got so many fantastic presents, and got to spend time with my favorite peeps.  I couldn't have asked for anything better.  I think all families are either Christmas Day families or Christmas Eve families. We're a Christmas Eve family, so that means our major celebrating and gift-opening happens on the 24th.  There's a story behind it, stemming from when we were kids.  Even though we're all grown up, the tradition remains.

Pete and I arrived on Christmas Eve, and we spent the day relaxing with the family and preparing food for our "dinner" that evening.  Dinner is in quotes because we don't have a real dinner on Christmas Eve, just and assemblage of finger foods to nibble on as we get ready to open gifts and watch Christmas movies.  Here's a look at our little spread:
Yummy cheeses, crackers, veggies, meatballs, sandwiches, popcorn chicken, shrimp, and crab dip.  Everyone's favorite dish was the crab dip, which we annhilated in mere minutes. 

Christmas cookies, chocolates, candies... all neatly displayed by my Mom.  She really shouldn't have.  We're not the kind of people who need to be impressed.  I'd eat that stuff off paper plates.  Or directly off the counter.  I'm not fussy.

My Mom is the queen of specialty holiday themed plates and napkins.  This year she found these adorable cocktail napkins that were perfect for this group (sorry it's sideways, I can't figure out how to fix here).  Pete said that I was a naughty girl this year, but I think the rest of the world would agree that I've been nice.  So there, Pete!

Here are me and my twin sis Kelly, along with our children, Bella and Charlie.  They're all dressed up in their Christmas finery, including Charlie's silly hooded Christmas sweater from his former foster mom.  He hates that thing.

Mom's Christmas tree with all of our presents under it just makes it feel like Christmas.  I always get a kick of our her Christmas tree because all of the ornaments are red and gold, with an occasional bit of white.  Heaven forbid you put a blue ornament on the tree.  I think it would ruin her Christmas.  She's a little OCD like that.

After we ate and had a few drinks, we opened our presents.  I have ZERO pictures from opening presents because I was consumed with gifts and so was everyone else in the room.   I'll tell you about my gifts in un momento. 

After Bella opened her presents, she was completely tuckered out and fell asleep using her new piglet toy as a pillow.  Awww... 

Kelly and I did a total twin thing this year:  we bought our husbands the same Christmas cards, and we bought each other the same Christmas cards!   Obviously, we had no idea the other was doing this or one of us would have chosen something else.  I think it's a hoot that we have the same taste.

Kelly, Darrell, Pete and I all went nightswimming around 9:00 to relax a little more before heading off to bed.  It was such an incredible night with the people I love.

On Christmas Day, we slept in, then got up and made a late breakfast.  I found this awesome breakfast casserole recipe on Plain Chicken, which turned out to be AMAZING.  I recommend you give it a whirl.  We'll definitely be making this again.

My sister also made this awesome cinnamon-cream cheese danish thing that was to die for.  Yum!

Later on Christmas Day, my aunt and uncle came over and we had a big family dinner.  Ham, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, the works.  My mom's dinners never disappoint.  She's stopped trying to cram all of our food on our dinner table outside (we had dinner on the lanai since it was such a beautiful day), so we once again put it out buffet style for us.

Kelly and I also celebrated our birthday on Christmas Day, since we can't be together on the 27th this year.  We also did yet another twin thing:  we both wore purple tank tops with gray sweaters on Christmas Day!  HA!  I love that we still do things like that inadvertently.

After Christmas dinner, Kelly and Darrell went home to work on their house and Pete and I took a dip in the pool.  I needed to float and feel light after that huge meal!

So back to presents.  I scored some great stuff this year, so I have no complaints.  At.  All.  Everyone did such a good job, and I feel like I did a good job on everyone else too.  Here are some of my favorite presents:
Kate Spade Trenton Madrid Embossed Croc bag in Graphite

Vera Bradley Laptop Sleeve in Baroque

Apple Sweater from Kusala Knitworks (on Etsy)

Adorable little Owl cuff from Kusala Knitworks

6 Month Birchbox Subscription

Clarisonic Mia

I also got a Dave Matthews Band calendar, 2 PERFECT cardigan sweaters, some home fragrance stuff from B&BW, and LOTS of money.  YAY!

For my birthday, I got an early gift from Pete last week of tickets to see Straight No Chaser.  Kelly also gave me:

New Mindy Kaling book and adorable picture of us in a Twins frame

Vera Bradley Checkbook Cover in Baroque

Michigan State reversible tote bag, post-it notes, note pads and cookie cutter

So many blessings, so little time!  I really have a great family and husband.  This was a wonderful Christmas and I'm looking forward to a brilliant year ahead.


Jessica said...

I love how you and your sis have that crazy twin thing going on!!! I just love it when twins are so in tune with one another without even realizing it! Makes me wish I was a twin. Love all your gifts! Looks like you enjoyed the very warm Christmas we had here!

TheTinyHeart said...

You got some really cool gifts! That's so funny about you and your sister doing so many of the same things without knowing it. My mom is a twin too! Even though they're fraternal, they're soo alike in so many ways.

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