Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dreams of Wrapping Paper Dancing in my Head

I have a total love affair with Christmas every year, and lately I've been thinking a bit about wrapping gifts.  Okay, I've been thinking about it a lot.  It's been slow at work lately. 

My inner Martha Stewart I loves beautifully wrapped packages with perfect bows and delightful little tags with a hint of whimsy.  I used to watch her TV show in college and got great ideas for wrapping presents in a way that makes people want to open your present.  First, before all of the others in their pile.  It was fun to be crafty and dream up new ways to decorate boxes so that they looked more special than the year before. 

And every year, I was brought back to reality.  No one I know really cares about how their gifts look.  They never study their gift wrap, never comment on how pretty/unique/awesome/funny the wrapping or gift bag is...nothing.  The people in my life don't really appreciate those things, and I've come to accept that.  Let me be fair here--my sister and my husband may care about how their presents look because occasionally they've commented on their packages.  Not often, but they have.  So I guess I should say that MOST of the people in my life haven't cared about gift wrapping.  They're not bad people, but wrapping paper isn't the priority, it's what's inside that gift wrap that they are concentrated on.

Since I've had some time on my hands during the day, I've been thinking about all of the ways I could have spruced up my gifts this year.  I'm particularly enamored with brown paper wrapped packages like the ones that are so hot on Pinterest right now.  I'm mildly quite addicted to Pinterest, so in my browsing, I've come across these suuuuper lovely packages that I wish I was giving to my family this year:
(I want those letter stamps!)
Love this confetti, but I bet it would shed everywhere.  My mother would want to kill me for giving her the need to vacuum for the 10th time that week.

I totally wish I'd thought of some of these before I wrapped up all of my presents this year.  I wrapped my presents (seen in previous posts) in wrapping paper from past day-after-Christmas sales.  That's right, I buy cheap wrapping paper, because I know that within second of handing someone their gift, the paper will be flying around like tickertape at an old school NYC parade.  And it works.  It's cute, festive and I won't care if someone decimates the wrap in one swoop of the hand.  At least the bows, ribbons and and tags look nice this year.

Do you like wrapping presents? 
Do you use themed gift wrap or just the regular stuff you find at Hallmark or Target?

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