Friday, December 9, 2011

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge - Day 10

So it's Friday and I'm feeling oh so happy.  I'm SO glad the weekend is here!  Things at work have been stressful as of late, so the weekends are a huge relief for me. 

Today's the last day of Amber and Neely's Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge, and today's topic is...
New Years Memories!

I've never been one to go all out for New Year's eve.  I prefer small parties at home or at a local bar with my close friends or family, playing games, having cocktails and catching up.  I love talking about everything that happened that year and getting excited about things to come in the new year. 

For the past few years, I have gone to Bowl games on New Year's Day.  That means I've celebrated New  Year's in Orlando, and I've totally had a blast.  Last year, Pete and I were in Orlando before the Capital One Bowl (MSU vs. Alabama, where MSU got annihilated in an embarrassing, crushing loss).  We swapped houses with my sister, who was coming to Tampa for the Outback Bowl (Penn State vs. Florida).  We stayed at Kelly and Darrell's house, and my parents, aunt and uncle met us in O-Town.  We had dinner at PR's (a dive Mexican bar/restaurant with delicious food) and went out to Scruffy Murphy's (a fab local Irish pub) for drinks.  My parents, aunt and uncle were completely unimpressed with PR's and Scruffy Murphy's, but it was perfect for Pete and I.  We don't need huge parties or fancy dinners to have a great time.  The family decided to call it an early night, so Pete and I stayed at Scruff's and continued our drinking.  We lost count of our cocktails (though I do remember a couple rounds of mini-Guinnies), and rang in the New Year with a boistrous crowd of twenty and thirty-somethings.  It was awesome for us.  We stumbled back to Kelly's house and crashed, hoping to get some  sleep before we had to get up for the big game the next day.  We were slightly hungover from our partying (I fell asleep for an hour or two during our tailgate, oops!), but we had a great time at the game despite the humiliating outcome.  I really do love my Spartans!

This year's New Year's Eve should be decidedly more tame.  I believe we'll be heading up to Jess and Steve's house for food, drinks and games.  I could use a low-key New Year's this year.  On New Year's Day, Pete and I will be camping out at a local sports bar (probably the Press Box), where I can watch the Outback Bowl (MSU vs. Georgia) and Pete can cheer on the Flyers as they battle the Rangers in the NHL Winter Classic.  I foresee great company, pitchers of beer and a plate of chicken wings in my future.  I can't wait. :)

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