Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Heart of Thankfulness

Today, some girls I know were talking about what they were thankful for in their lives, which apparently they've been thinking more about as we approach Christmas.  The conversation really struck a chord with me, because it made me stop, think and recognize all of the wonderful things in my life.  I have tremendous gratitude for the many blessings in my life, though I admit that I don't share my gratitude enough.  I feel like it could come across as too sappy and silly, but I think people need to hear it to realize how much they mean to you.  This post is for me to put my love and thankfulness out there for the world to hear.

I'm thankful for... my wonderful husband, Pete
I'm beyond lucky for getting the opportunity to marry my best friend in June of this year, and Pete has been an amazing husband.  I seriously couldn't ask for a more wonderful man.  We celebrated our 6 month anniversary (my how time flies!) on December 4, and it was so nice to reminisce about what a wonderful wedding and honeymoon we had.  It was everything we hoped it would be and it's just one part of this amazing year.  Pete has a brilliant way of making me laugh and feel loved, even when I'm upset or have had a terrible day.  I wuv him.

I'm thankful for... being uninjured in my car accident yesterday
I was on my way to work yesterday when I was side-swiped by a car who was trying to cut around a semi.  She scraped up the entire right side of my car, from bumper to bumper. 

She said she didn't see me and I believed her, since she seemed so sweet and apologetic.  Maybe that's a little naive of me, but I just want to see the good in people and believe that they have the best of intentions.  Hey, that's what Christmas spirit is all about (yeah, I'm hokey like that).  Anywho, I managed to escape the crash without any injuries, for which I'm appreciative.  My car is pretty banged up, but still totally drivable--it just looks ugly.  I hate driving an ugly car!  That aside, I can't help but imagine how much worse it could have been, because if she had hit me harder, I could be in a hospital right now.  I feel like I had an angel watching over me.

I'm thankful supportive family
Shout-outs to my super-awesome parents, Kelly, Darrell, and Bella on this one.  They all make me realize how fortunate I am to have people (and my doggie) who love me dearly and take great care of me.  My parents helped make my dream of a big, beautiful wedding possible this year, Kelly and Darrell are the best Sister/Brother-In-Law combo imaginable and Bella is the sweetest little angel that ever lived.  Her cuteness and sweetness makes me melt.

I'm thankful for... my IRL friends and my online community of friends
I don't have a ginormous circle of friends, but my close friends are the best.  They rock in the hardest way.  They're always there for me and we have so so much fun together--spending time with them makes my soul happy!  I've also been an active member of a June 2011 Brides message board on The Knot for about a year and a half, and after our weddings in June, about 30 or 40 of us stuck around and formed a tight bond.  They're always there for me and each other, and it's comforting to have those friendships.  I've also forged some wonderful friendships with other bloggers, which has been extremely fun.  My IRL friends may not understand that part, but my TK and bloggy friends get it.

At this time of year, I think we all realize how many blessings we have in our lives.  I'm eternally grateful for everything I have and the people in my life who make my happiness possible. 

Are you grateful for anything special this year?

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