Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hump Day Hair Play

I had a very long day today, but I was comforted by the fact that it is Hump Day and we're now on the downward slide to the weekend.  Woo Hoo!  My department had a holiday party this afternoon, which turned out to a be a lot of fun (depsite the fact that we were actually at work).  We had awesome cupcakes and baked goods from Wright's, and our leader gave out silly awards.  I actually won three awards: 

The Kool and The Gang award (for the person who excels at group/team work) for which I got a pack of Dentyne Ice gum
Cool Under Fire award (for the most talented person at managing difficult people and resolving conflicts) for which I got a package of blue ice
Shout Out award (because two people wanted to thank me for things I'd done this year) for which I got a bag of chocolate coins

Here's my haul..

Notice how two of them have "cool" in the title?  It's no coincidence--people think I'm cool!  Such a happy affirmation.  The people who know me outside of work know that I'm not so cool under fire all the time.  At all.  I've been known to lose it, big time.  Thankfully my coworkers haven't seen that side of me!  Seriously though... as much as I talk smack about these silly awards and things, I'm actually flattered by some of the nominations.  As a HR person, you hope that people see you as exceling at team work and being talented at managing crazy people or conflicts.  I'm just glad that I've left a good impression on the people that I work with.  HR people are the harshest critics of them all.

After my looooooonnnnnggggg day, I FINALLY went to get my hair cut!  I grew my hair out for my wedding, which was in June, and always intended to cut it afterward.  But my hairstylist (who is awesome, I must say) is pretty pricey, and I kept putting my hair cut off for another time.  Well today was the day to get it chopped off, and I'm immensely happy with how it turned out!  Here are the before and after shots:


Wayyyyy too long!  And totally dullsville.


What an improvement! 

My head feels lighter and my hair is so much more tame!  And what makes it even better is that Pete absolutely loves it.  He was almost speechless when he saw me--in a good way!  I love that my man adores my new shorter hair.  He asked me to keep it this way all the time, and I think I might.  Gotta love a sassy new hairstyle!

One last thing:  When I arrived home, the roast with potatoes, carrots and onions that I had going in the crock pot all day smelled DELICIOUS!  And it tasted amazing too.  I love it when dinner makes itself!

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Miranda said...

congrats on the awards :) and love the hair!

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