Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's OK Thursday

We are 3 days to Christmas people, and I'm amazed at how slow this day is going.  I want this week to be over SO badly, but this day is moving slower than molasses in winter.  It is poking on by for you too?  Well I know a way to combat such a day--It's OK Thursday!

It’s OK…
To be a little sad that my team at work didn’t have a Christmas party again this year
To wish for Spring to get here because that’s when I can find Abita Strawberry Harvest beer (yummy)
To be glad I kept my cool when I talked to the lady who hit me after my car accident on Tuesday—I could have pulled my bitch card, but the lady was far too nice
To take Christmas cookies to work for my breakfast/snack/lunch
To be indecisive about where I want to have my birthday dinner
To give my hubby a hard time about watching a lot of hockey, even though I really don’t mind it most of the time
To brag about my latest haul at Bath and Body Works because I got a crazy-good deal
To stash Christmas candy into various corners of my cubicle for a hungrier day later this winter
To visit Target every other day for the past week and scour the clearance end-caps for stocking stuffers
To keep the holiday bonus gift certificate that I got when I picked up a gift certificate for my boss from the gang at work (they’ll never know, right?)
To fantasize about getting a Birchbox subscription for Christmas
To unrealistically hope my dog lives another 10 years because I can’t imagine a day without her

What's OK for you?

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Asha said...

OMG I have been to Target way too many times to count in the last month doing the same thing! They always have the greatest little gifts at the ends of the aisles!

Now I'm heading there for the after-Christmas clearance, haha!

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