Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge - Day 9

It's Thursday, and I'm off work tomorrow, so today is like my Friday!  Hip hip hooray!  

And now for the Day 9 installment of the Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge. 
Today's topic is:  2012 Resolutions and Goals.

Where to begin... I want A LOT of great things to happen in 2012, and I'm confident that they will.  It's more than being hopeful about the future--it's about willing good things to happen and seeing them come to fruition.  Here are a few of my goals for 2012:

Join a gym and lose 20 lbs.
Save more money
Pay off Pete's car loan
Pay off hospital bill and loan
Take a cruise with Pete
Start trying for a baby
Learn to cook more nutritious meals
Blog at least 4 times per week (daily would be ideal)
Read at least 3 books
Spruce up my home with paint, decor and repairs
Visit my family more often
Travel to Philly to visit the in-laws

I can already sense what a happy year this is going to be!  There's excitement in the air and I love dreaming about what the new year will bring.  It's my heaping dose of optimism for the day. 


Monica said...

Great list! Good luck with them all :)

Julia Miller said...

good list. I would love to save up money as well.

Miranda said...

what a great list...i'm sure you can achieve them all! :)


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