Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mondays and Queens

Yesterday was Monday, and quite a Monday it was indeed.  It was a busy day at work, and in the middle of my day I got to head to the middle school to meet up with my Little, JaLeah.  She was so cute and was so excited that I came!  She expected me last Monday, and asked I could come again next Monday.  I assured her that I'd be coming back again after she gets back from the holiday break.  I'll make sure to bring her a really awesome Christmas present, once I figure out what a 13 year old would like!

To cap of the day, I got to spend an evening with the girls (Tracy, Julie, and Jess) at Drag Queen Bingo!  Hamburger Mary's in Ybor City hosts Drag Queen Bingo on Monday and Wednesday nights, where local drag queens host a charity bingo night and the $10 you spend to buy your bingo cards goes directly to that night's chosen charity.  Typically we go on Wednesdays when Amy DeMilo hosts, but this time we got to meet two new queens, Carol and Liza.  They were hilarious!

Shortly after this picture was taken, I WON Bingo!  I got a bag full of random stuff as my prize:  A cockatiel Beanie Baby, a Hamburger Mary's pimp cup, 2 t-shirts, a Jagermeister lanyard, a Hamburger Mary's gift card and a gift certificate for a free haircut.  YAY!  Who knew the queens were so generous?  When I won, they called me up on stage and commented on the size of my "cans".  Silly drag queens.  They're just jealous.

What a faaaaabulous Monday!


Monica said...

Drag Queen bingo! That sounds like a good time :)

KMoody said...

So where is the photo showing your big haul from winning?? I love to see a big prize basket :)

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