Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY, Concerts and Life, Oh My!

This was quite a weekend, even though it felt like we didn't do all that much.  I'll tell you, I really am beginning to love quieter weekends where I can get things done around the house.  It just feels like I've neglected some of my projects for too long, and accomplishing them makes me feel so good!

I was running late to work on Friday and I wound up getting rear-ended on my way to work. I was just sitting at a red light when the car behind me rammed my rear bumper.  There was no way to avoid it.  The girl turned out to be super bitchy (as thought it was my fault that she rear-ended me), and kept repeating how she didn't have time to deal with the police.  She also kept telling me that I should get the scratches in my car buffed out so we don't have to go through her insurance company.  Totally sketchy, if you ask me.  I called the police anyway and the wound up giving her a ticket.  If she would have been nicer I might have dropped the whole thing, but she kinda deserved it.  My day at work was uneventful but busy, and I wound up not being able to leave early as I'd originally hoped.  When I got home, Pete wasn't home yet so I took care of Bella and relaxed for a few minutes.  Pete finally arrived bearing cupcakes from Gigi's, a 6 pack of craft beers from Total Wine and a bouquet of flowers, just because he knew I'd had a rough day with the accident.  He's such a good boy!

My parents came to visit us on Saturday.  H and I got up in the morning and cleaned up the house a little (to make my mother happy, she has cleanliness standards that are far above those of normal, sane people), then my parents got there and we went to Miguel's for lunch.  After lunch, we came home, I helped my mom set up her new iPhone, made a quick trip to Home Depot and I started a project with my dad.  He helped me re-caulk my master bathroom shower and sink.  I'd show you pictures, but pictures of a caulked bathtub/shower are just totally unexciting.  I'll spare you the yawns.  My dad's SO good at things like caulking, and I just needed his expertise.  Pete and I are NOT experts at the DIY stuff yet, but hopefully we'll get better with practice.  My parents left around dinner time, then Pete and I had pizza, took Bella on a lengthy walk and offered her much-needed couch time.  I really loved spending a night in with my sweetie and puppy.  It's one of the best things about married life!
Pete and I slept in, then made a big, delicious breakfast.   We puttered around the house for awhile (I worked on clipping and organizing my coupons, he worked on setting up his new Twitter account), then we went grocery shopping.  At dinner time, we went to Ybor City and had dinner at the Blue Dog Bistro.  It was actually pretty good!  We split an order of pulled pork nachos (definitely a cheat) and I had the steak salad.  We then took a walk down to The Ritz and saw an indie band, August Burns Red, play a really great show.  They're actually a heavy metal band (Hubby really likes them), but I really like seeing them too, despite the fact that their music is not my normal fare of choice (I typically prefer Dave Matthews Band, pop, rock, and some hip hop).  We got free tickets in the VIP balcony, which was a GREAT way to see a show at The Ritz.  We had a bird's eye view and we could really see just how packed the show was.  They actually had a great turn-out for an indie band, and the people-watching was spectacular!  A lot of these newer heavy metal bands have this sort of emo, Hot Topic fan base which is completely unlike what you see at more traditional heavy metal shows.  I only started going to these shows when I met Pete, but it's been a very entertaining experience, to say the least.  Overall, we had a wonderful little date night that didn't end up costing us very much.
Here are a few pictures from the show:

Today it was back to work as usual, and I had a rough day.  One of my nemeses at work is back at it again, and I just hate his attitude.  I think there's a typical rub between certain senior executives and their HR people, but my bosses think I should try to fix this.  I shall work on it, but for the record, I don't feel like it.  Hmph.  The high point in my day came at 2:15, when one of the executives I work for called a quick meeting.  It turned out to be a birthday party for me and one of the senior leaders who works for her!  They got me a cake and all sorts of goodies.  I feel blessed that they consider me part of their team.  My own boss and coworkers didn't even do anything for my birthday this year.

They gave me a lily, a bottle of red wine and an AMC gift card!  They're such sweet people.

I came home and made a delicious dinner and downed a couple (maybe 3?) glasses of vino, so I'm feeling much better now!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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Jessica said...

Sounds like a great weekend and a great Monday!!! I must say...I love that you have a nemesis!!! Can't wait to meet you on Friday!!!

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