Monday, January 30, 2012

Fabulous Valentines Challenge - Day 1

I just LOVE a link-up, and the Fabulous Valentines Challenge from Casey, Amber and Neely is totally up my alley.  Not much is as fun as talking about love, relationships and dating, particularly when you had to kiss a lot of frogs before meeting your prince.

Today's Topic:  Loved This Date-Best Date Ever

I never really dated guys who put much effort into dates until I met my now-husband Pete.  Pete created dating experiences, and he was/is great at it.  He planned everything out and made sure that he showed me the best time.  Our first date was actually one of my favorite dates.  Pete invited me to Channelside for the Bucs season kick-off party, which his radio station was hosting.  We got to see Saving Abel play a free concert, then we went to Bennigan's for drinks after the show.  We had the best time talking and I had crazy butterflies in my stomach.  I wasn't sure if Pete liked me or not, since he didn't even try to kiss me or touch me in any way, but I could tell that we had chemistry.  It turns out that he was just being a gentleman (aka a unicorn--a mythical creature we single ladies always heard about but never saw in person).  That date told me so much about the man I'd eventually marry--he's kind, generous, fun, loves music and can always make me smile.  I knew it was a memorable date at the time, but I never dreamed that Pete would become my husband and I'd be talking about it four years later!  It's funny how things work out.


Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

How sweet! Thanks for sharing :-)

Casey said...

Love this sweet story!

Thanks for linking up with us!

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