Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Ok

Greetings and Happy Thursday.  Once again, I'm linking up with Amber and Neely for this week's rendition of It's Ok. Since it's shaping up to be a hell of a week for me, I really need this It's Ok post.  The venting makes me feel better.

It's Ok... call my Mom immediately after a tough day of work to hear her words of wisdom spend my day waiting for a big hug from my hubby find an old CD I forgot about and sing along to it loudly in the car grapple with the biggest question of each morning:  extra strength coffee or Pepsi Max leave my neatly stacked pile of clean laundry on the dresser all week because I don't feel like putting it away be disappointed that my boss and coworkers forgot my birthday put off getting my dog's hair cut because she looks so darn cute shaggy loathe the words, "you didn't do anything wrong, but..." seriously miss getting pedicures and hope for sandal weather to come soon be mildly obsessed with Diet Cranberry Raspberry Snapple be worried that a bunch of randoms will steal my beer at Gasparilla wish I had a reason to go crazy shopping at Ikea not be ready for babies yet even though the pressure is seriously on (ahem, mom) avoid the neighborhood kids so I don't have to deal with an endless barage of "can I pet your dog" requests

{huge sigh of relief}

There.  Now I feel MUCH better.



Miranda said...

haha i am always folding laundry and feeling satisfied with that, that the laundry sits in the basket folded for like a week....

try not to feel pressure for having is a huge responsibility and you may never feel like you're ready ready but you have a feeling it is time. :)

Jennifer B said...

It's leave your phone at Fly Bar haha. No, seriously, I think you did! We had them keep it bc we thought that would be best.

Nichole said...

Yes, call them so you can get your phone since you'll be in the vicinty tomorrow! It was great to meet you tonight!

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