Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK Weekend Update

We're closing in on the end of Monday night, and it's time to reflect on this wonderful extended weekend.  I got today off from work as a holiday, so having a 3 day weekend this quickly after the holidays is always welcome.

Overall, this weekend has been both incredibly productive and incredibly relaxing (my hubby tends to disagree about the relaxing part).  Here's the rundown of how we spent this fabulous weekend...
  • When I got home from work on Friday, I had a package waiting for me.  It was a new set of stainless steel measuring cups!  (Remember when I said that little things make me SO happy? Well this is one of those little things.)  I sent OXO an email because the size labels on my stainless measuring cups were wearing off and are now illegible.  OXO told me they were sending me a new set, and here they are, in all of their glory.
Old Cups

Brand Spankin' New Cups!

  • On Friday night, we went to Mr. Dunderbak's in New Tampa to celebrate Jess's 30th birthday.  It was great to see her, Steve, Joe and Megan again, and it was such a joyous occasion.  I also really appreciated Jess picking a place that didn't involve dressing up, because I'd had a rough week and just didn't feel like getting gussied up that night.  Here are a few pics from the evening:
Jess, drinking a "Santa Clause" beer (a heavy Christmas seasonal) that had over 14% alcohol.  It tasted like straight liquor.  Weeeee, happy birthday!

Weyerbacher Tango, a dark double belgian--that one was mine.

Me and Pete, glad to be indoors on a chilly night and celebrating the birthday of one of our dearest friends.
  • On Saturday, I slept in (totally heavenly) and Pete came home from work around 1:30.  We ran up to the mall so I could return some online purchases that I didn't care for, I got my free massage oil from Aveda (it can also be used as an after-bath moisturizer, apparently), and we went to Best Buy to pick up Pete's laptop from the Geek Squad.  We also stopped at Total Wine to pick up a few goodies to enjoy this weekend.  We heart that place.
  • We came home and set up our new filing cabinet.  We then worked on filing a HUGE stack of unopened mail from Pete's dresser, which was fabulous!  Now the chest in our bedroom doesn't look like it has a stack of trash sitting on top of it.  We also did some other filing and sorting, and shredded lots of old paperwork and receipts.  We took at least full 3 bags of trash out of that room--it looks unbelievable!  I find these experiences to be completely liberating.  Talk about a sigh of relief.
  • On Sunday, I picked my parents up from the cruise port.  They went on a week-long Western Carribean cruise with two of my uncles, and when I saw them, all they did was complain about Carnival being crappier than other cruise lines.  Whatever.  Picky, picky.
  • Pete and I went to pick up sandwiches from Firehouse Subs for lunch, and they had this big piece of amaziness for me to play with:
It's a Coca-Cola Freestyle!  It's a touch-screen soda machine that has hundreds of soda options.  I got a plain ol' Fanta Orange Zero, but next time I'm getting a strawberry Sprite.
  • In the afternoon, Pete and I got busy working around the house again.  This time Pete attacked his dresser and closet, and I went back to work on the guest bedroom.  We also worked on cleaning out this box that's been sitting in the guest room since Pete moved in a year and a half ago.  I thought that box would never be cleaned out!  We filed stuff, threw stuff out and organized whatever was left. 
  • On Monday, I slept in LATE (way later than I'd prefer to admit), and Pete and I worked on organizing several bookshelves and cabinets in our living room.  I then ran to the grocery store and came home to make a recipe I've been meaning to make for a long, long time:  Pete's little Italian grandmom's Sauce and Meatballs.  It turned out okay, but the meatballs didn't hold up.  We wound up with a meat sauce instead of sauce and meatballs.  I think I'm going to modify the recipe a little next time and make more sauce for them to swim around in.  Altering a little Italian grandmother's recipe is probably blasphemous, but I've got to if I expect this recipe to turn out like I know it should.
Now it's time for bed, and I have to admit that it's time to go back to work tomorrow.  It's been a great few days off, so I certainly can't complain.  Let's hope this turns out to be a good week!


Nichole said...

I have always wanted to try Mr. Dunderbaks, I still need to! And that is awesome about the replacement cups, I like stuff like that too. Can't wait to meet ya 1/27 :)

Becca Christensen said...

It's so fun to read people write about places in Tampa!!

Your weekend sounds like a great blend of productivity and relaxation! : ]

See you next Friday!!


Lane R said...

Good to know that your can email OXO about the numbers wearing off. Mine are coming off of my measuring spoons I may need to send them a little email soon.

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