Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fabulous Valentines Challenge - Day 3

Hi there!  I'm having a delightful Wednesday and I'm excited to once again be linking up with Amber, Neely and Casey for the Fabulous Valentines Challenge.  I love how these challenges encourage me to think about all sorts of fun topics.  Today's topic is Love My Outfit: Valentines Day Outfits.

So this year, Valentine's Day is on a Tuesday.  Yuck.  It certainly does limit fun V-Day date possibilities, doesn't it??  So, in thinking about different date options, I came up with two ensembles that will be perfect for my date night with Pete.  Pete recently reminded me again that he likes me in purple, so I decided to make that the focus color for both outfits.  Red and pink are so overdone on Valentine's Day anyway.

If we choose to go out to dinner right after work, I'll need a day-to-evening outfit.  Here's something I thought might look nice for a weeknight date, coming straight from work...
I definitely need a feminine purple blouse, but I couldn't narrow down my choices between the two above.  I would wear the short sleeve if it's a warm day or the long sleeve if it's cooler.  Again, it's all about practicality.  Lately I've fancied the pairing of purple with gray, so I love the idea of using a gray straight leg trouser.  Totally classic look.  I really love jewel tones and find them very romantic, so I paired the blouse and slacks combo with a preppy green suede ballet flat.  I threw the Chloe bag in because, well... I'm sort of obsessed with it.  I had to add the gunmetal earrings because they were just so cute.

If we plan a date night that allows me to come home and change my clothes, I'd be excited to wear a dress.  I don't tend to wear dresses in the winter since I get cold so easily, so Valentine's Day seems like an excellent reason to break one out. 
The focal point is the cute purple Alice + Olivia dress, with a plunging neckline and an interesting back.  Pete would love this dress for its sweet sexiness.  This dress joined with a classic black cardigan (for the chilly evenings) and simple black flats (since I'm not really into heels).  I love the geometic necklace for interest, and I'd have to wear black diamond earrings, since Pete just gave me a pair as a wedding gift.

This has me really excited to start shopping for the perfect outfit for Pete and I's first Valentine's Day as a couple of smug marrieds.  We're both looking forward to having a nice, interesting dinner, and I'm excited that we're going out for dinner on a weeknight.  YAY!


Samantha said...

Great choices! I love purple and gray together too. And I love the jewelry you picked out to go with the dress!

Nichole said...

We almost did purple/grey for our wedding so I love this combo! Though I have never paired it with clothes, surprisingly. I love both looks a lot though and think either will be perfect for your Valentines' Day

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

I looove purple and it's my go to color for date nights out, love your choices! :-)

Miranda said...

love all the purple! that dress is beautiful!

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