Friday, February 3, 2012

Fabulous Valentines Challenge - Day 5

TGIF ladies!  It's FRRRRRIDAY!!  It feels great to be out of work (doesn't it always??) and looking ahead to a really promising weekend. 

This weekend Hubby and I are going to visit my sister and brother-in-law in Orlando and we're staying at their new casa.  They've put a ton of work into it already, and there's so much left to do.  Most of the work is DIY, but they've hired a professional for a few of the bigger jobs.  They're documenting their progress on their blog, A Lovely Moody House.  If you're into home improvement and DIY, check it out!

To keep with this week's theme, I'm linking up for another episode of Fabulous Valentines Blog Challenge with Amber, Neely and Casey.  Today's topic is Love My Girlfriends.

I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful close friends.  These girls have been there for me over the years when I've needed them most, and I'm so blessed to know each and every one of them.  Hooray for awesome girlfriends!

Here are my two BFFs:  My mom and my twin sister, Kelly
I'm on the right, playing the dutiful bridesmaid in Kelly's July wedding.

I just love these girls!  Tracy, Kelly, Julie and Me. 
(This picture makes me look like I don't have a stitch of make-up on, but I totally do.  I swear.)

Tracy, Kelly, Me (of course), Jill and Jessie
The four most awesome bridesmaids a girl could ask for!

Me (pre-LASIK) and Stephenie

Kenny and I.
Kenny's just one of the girls!

Katherine and I

This Valentine's Day, I will definitely remember all of the great times I've had with these girls over the past 6 years.  They've had unbridled fun with me, consoled me, and listened when I've had things to get off my chest, and I've done the same for them.  That's what being great friends is all about.

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Jennifer B said...

Everyone needs great girl friends in their life!

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