Monday, February 6, 2012

Fabulous Valentines Challenge - Day 6

I absolutely cannot believe that it's already 9:30 pm on Monday!  Where has this day gone???  Work was crazy busy, then I had to come home (in a driving rainstorm, no less), go grocery shopping, fix dinner and catch The Voice.  But you wanna know what I've been looking forward to all day?  Hopping on this li'l blog and writing a few posts!  I wasn't going to let today get away from me without posting something. 

Today is Day 6 of the Fabulous Valentine Blog Challenge hosted by Amber, Neely and Casey, and today's topic is... Love To Be Creative.  It's all about creative pursuits this time, whether it be with crafts, food, music, or art.

Growing up I was always into creative things.  I loved music, making up flag routines, writing and anything arts and crafts related.  I just loved making things and being proud of my handiwork. 

After college I had to set my creative interests aside for more pressing matters--work and grad school.  Corporate Human Resources and my MBA program crushed my spirit killed my creativity, particularly as it relates to writing.  Creativity has little place in these areas and to be blunt, is just not appreciated it in any way.  Creative arguments were valued, creative writing was not--I learned that pretty quickly.  I adapted because I wanted to be successful, but I found that if you don't use your skills, you lose them.  My creative writing skills have suffered (but I can write a kick-ass business report or EEOC rebuttal), but I still enjoy the process.  Blogging has helped me along my path to getting back to that place, but it's still a pretty bumpy road.

My wedding gave me a few wonderful opportunities to showcase some craft projects, my first in many years.  My favorite project was the hoodie with my new name in rhinestones on the back--totally tacky for a normal day but cute for a wedding!  It was super time-consuming, but not hard at all.  I just loved that it matched the other elements of my wedding with the Feel Script font I loved so much.

You can find instructions on how to make this hoodie here under DIY.  There are also instructions on how to make a card box, like the one below:

It wasn't perfect, but it did the job and matched the color scheme.  I actually had a lot of fun making these things and having a little something of my own out there at the wedding.

I have another DIY project that I've been dreaming up but haven't had a chance to put the time into yet.  I'm hoping to work on it this weekend, if I can find the time.

I hope you love to flex your creative muscles too!  What's your favorite DIY project?

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Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

I also made lots of rhinestone wedding DIY projects love your card box! :-)

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