Monday, February 20, 2012

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Dear George Washington,

Thank you so very much for being our first President.  Your service to the country will always be remembered.  Thank you also for being born, because now we get to observe your birthday with a day off from work.  YAY!  Of course we're thinking about you and celebrating all of your good deeds... of course we are.  All day long.  Sure. 

Lots of respect and kindness,


As you can see, it's Presidents Day and I'm not working today.  Big ups to company paid holidays!   This weekend has turned out to be a pretty good one, even though I admittedly haven't been productive enough.  Relaxing and enjoying time off is a good thing, though, or at least that's what my husband tells me.  After all of the stress and uncertainty at work lately, a three-day weekend was just what the doctor ordered.

On Friday night, the hubs and I went to dinner at Macaroni Grill, where we feasted on copious amounts of rosemary bread and pasta.  Not good for our diets, but delish nonetheless.  And we had a gift card to use, which also helped us make the decision to dine there.  We came home and couched it with the puppy all night.  She looked so sweet and cute after getting her haircut that I couldn't resist doting on her.
Hi Mom!
Aren't I cute and well-behaved? 
What does a girl have to do to get a baby carrot around here?

Yes, my dog eats baby carrots as treats.  She loves them and they're healthy, so I keep giving them to her.  They're super cheap too, and the carrots are good for her eyesight. 

On Saturday, Pete went to work at the station and I slept in again.  I am going to sleep in at every chance I get because someday when we have kids, the party's gonna be over.  After Pete got home, we took his car in for service, and we hit Stadium Green Iguana for a late lunch.  I like Green Iguana, but don't go there very often.  We then took a trip to Target, where Pete had a meltdown in the parking garage while trying to install my new windshield wiper.  He was having trouble putting it on the car, when he went into a fit and tore the windshield wiper package to bits while trying to get to the instruction booklet.  There were pieces of plastic and cardboard all over the place.  I double over in laughter everytime I think about it.  Poor guy, he just got really frustrated.

In the evening, I went to see Yonder Mountain String Band with my friend Jess at Jannus Live in St. Pete.  I'd never heard their music before, but they have a huge following (the place was jam packed) and they were obviously very talented musicians.  Everyone was bouncing up and down to their infectious music.  I just struggled to see around the people in front of me!  We were also sweating so we cut out half-way through the encore.  Here a few pictures from the show...

Thank you iPhone camera, for being crappy and unclear despite your hefty pricetag.
Thank you guys who are copping my style by taking a cell phone pcture right in front of me, for ruining my almost-clear shot.  Hmph.

Jess and I, sweating in February.

On Sunday, we had planned on going to the State Fair with some friends, but wound up not going afterall because the weather man and the Weather Channel app both said it was going to thunderstorm on and off all day.  Wellllll, it never did thunderstorm, so I was sort of disappointed that we stayed home all day when we could have been downing corndogs and getting quesy on the Tilt-A-Whirl.  Total bummer.  If I wasn't going to the Fair, would have rather gone outlet shopping with my other girlfriends.  {sigh}  Missed opportunities abound.

On Sunday night, I went to with Pete to Prime Time Sports Grill in Carrollwood so we could meet with his friends and watch the wrestling pay-per-view.  I'm always glad that Jess is there to keep me company.  We normally compare iPhone apps and gossip.  It makes the experience more enjoyable because I don't really know much about the wrestling.

Today, Pete and I just ran errands and hung out at home.  Tonight I'm doing our taxes.  It's just fun overload, right???  Well, it's actually been good for me to take it easy.  We're heading back to work tomorrow and I'm reeeeaaallly not ready.  The weekends are never long enough, are they?  Even the long ones... Oh well, I'll make the best of this work week with a slightly more rejuvenated sense about me.  Thank you Presidents Day!!

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Nichole said...

Ahahaha, we should come with you guys sometime for PPV (like how I just invited myself?)...Hubs and I went to a friends house for it Sunday but I left to go see a movie with one of the gf's of another guy there so I lucked out. Sounds like you had a good weekend. I like to go to that Green Iguana for happy hour on Fridays, they have 2 for 1.

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