Friday, February 10, 2012

Scenes From Our House: Pete's Characters

When I was single and looking for Mr. Right, I always knew I wanted a man who could make me laugh.  I like the funny Seth Rogan-esque type of guy, and I couldn't deal with having a man who didn't have humor as a primary part of his personality.  I'm blessed beyond belief to have been given this in spades.  I have a husband who makes me laugh every day.  Not just laugh, but giggle, snicker, belly laugh, and laugh so hard that no sound comes out.

One of the ways Pete makes me laugh is by doing characters.  More specifically, voices with made up personalities.  Pete's latest character invention is The Smarmy DJ.  The other night, The Smarmy DJ came out to play, and our conversation went something like this...

Smarmy DJ (SDJ):  Hi (said with a breathy, pseudo-seductive tone)
Me:  Hi there.
SDJ:  Do you come here often?
Me:  Yep, every night.
SDJ:  Oh really?  Do you like DJs?
Me:  Sure, are you a DJ?
SDJ:  Why yes, I am...
Me:  How do I know you're really a DJ?
SDJ:  Because I have a business card with 2 letters on it.
Me:  DJ?
SDJ:  Mmm, I love an intelligent woman.
Me:  How do I know you're really a DJ and not just some guy with a business card that reads "DJ"?
SDJ:  Because my business card has a hologram on it of me DJing.  It's like a Super Bowl ticket, but more exclusive.
(This is where I begin laughing so hard I almost roll off the bed.)

Totally absurd, but imagine it being said with the aforementioned breathy, sleazy voice and it's crazy-funny. 

Some of Pete's other voices run the gamut from adorable to scary, and they never cease to cause a reaction in me.  That boy is all personality and he's got real talent--talent for making me giggle and squeal like a little girl.

Have you ever had a significant other who made you laugh like this?  I certainly hope so!!

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Melissa said...

That conversation actually made me giggle just reading it! I love it! Does the smarmy DJ frequent weddings? I bet he would be a hit with single bridesmaids. :]

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