Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Lovin' and a Giveaway Review

It's Tuesday in the big city, folks, and I'm thrilled to be thinking about my weekend ahead.  You know that 80's song by Loverboy, "Workin' for the Weekend"?  Yup, that's me!  Lately anyway.  I've got some fun things planned, but I'm mostly just looking for a mental vacay.

Let's get back to today.  My amazing hubby surprised me by bringing home cupcakes from Gigi's Cupcakes in South Tampa, and while they are definitely NOT on my diet, they were SO good.  We tried the coffee bean chocolate and strawberry shortcake flavors.  We typically buy one cupcake of each, then cut them in half so we can each try both flavors.  The strawberry shortcake was my favorite and satisfied my recent sweet tooth.  I would have taken a picture of these little delights (because the amount of frosting on them left me awestruck), but we ate them too quickly!

And now for something fun... a product review!

A few months ago, I was the lucky winner of a Dove haircare giveaway from Krystal at Krystal's Kitsch, and I finally got around to trying all of the products.  Now it's time for my review!

This is the full line of Dove Nourishing Oil Care products.
From L to R:  Leave In Smoothing Cream, Anti-Frizz Serum, Daily Treatment Conditioner, Regular Conditioner and Shampoo.

These products are intended to smooth frizz and boost shine in your hair using almond and Argan oils, which are known for their nutritive properties.  What attracted me to these products is that I have a strong need for anything that can make my hair smooth.  I have crazy fly-aways because my hair tends to break easily, and the underside of my hair (the hair at the base of my neck) is really frizzy.  That hair is a completely different texture than the rest of my hair, and I've even thought about having it chemically relaxed.  Yeah, it's really kinky and gross, and I try to hide it whenever possible.

What I Loved:
I started out by just using the shampoo and regular conditioner, and those alone REALLY smoothed my fly-aways!  I was shocked that a shampoo/conditioner combo could tame all of those little hairs so well without the addition of a styling product.  I've long been looking for a shampoo and conditioner that could do that, and the only other set I've found that did that was Frederik Fekkai Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner.  The problem is that stuff is $35 per bottle, so they're not exactly everyday products for me.  Pete would kill me if I spent that much on shampoo and conditioner all the time!  So, I was super excited that Dove did such a great job of smoothing the top part of my hair and it's extremely affordable.  Bye-bye fly-aways!

I also really liked the leave-in treatment too, because it really tamed those freaky underside hairs that cause me so much heartburn.  That + a flat iron + a tiny dab of the anti-frizz serum = perfection! 

What I Didn't Love:
While the shampoo and conditioner did a good job of smoothing, I found that my hair felt really oily by day two.  I pretty much had to wash my hair every day, not every other day like I had done sometimes before, just to keep it from feeling like an oil slick.  Great results on day one, not so great results on day two.

I also tried the shampoo in combination with the Daily Treatment Conditioner, and I don't recommend it.  The Daily Treatment Conditioner was a heavier version of the regular conditioner (as if that was even necessary!) with even more of those lovely oils, and it was total overkill on my hair.  The conditioner was quite thick and dense, and it didn't smooth over my wet hair very well.  I prefer a silkier conditioner, of medium thickness but not goopy.  While it left my hair soft, my hair just felt weighed down, and it leaned toward looking lifeless.  Definitely NOT the look you want for your hair!  So, it was not a surprise to me when I saw it last week in Target on clearance due to being discontinued.

Overall Assessment:
I will absolutely buy the shampoo and regular conditioner in the future.  It does the job of the expensive stuff for a fraction of the cost, so what's not to like?!  I highly recommend these products if you have frizzy hair or significant fly-away issues, like moi. 

I am really a big believer in beauty products and love trying new things.  When I used to work at Bath and Body Works, my manager used to tell me that I was a 'product whore'.  I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or not, but I think it was to her.  It kinda made me feel dirty...  Anyway, I used a lot of that stuff, so I was great at providing personal testimonials.   Even though I haven't worked there in years, my love for products has continued.  I'll be posting more product reviews in the future, as I discover new things. 

Ciao girls!


Nichole said...

I keep wanting to try Gigi's cupcakes! Can't wait for Sunday Brunch;.see ya then!

Peaches Ledwidge said...

I love dove products - mainly lotion and body wash because of how they moisturize the skin.

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