Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

It's getting late on Sunday, and I'm having a nice time reflecting on the weekend.  It was actually pretty great.  Pete and I made a pact to NOT schedule anything for this weekend.  We just wanted time to be together, work around the house and chill out.  Life has been extraordinarily hectic and the idea of sleeping in and slowing this down sounded pretty amazing.

On Friday night, Pete worked and I had time to watch Who Do You Think You Are (one of my favorite series) and miscellany from the DVR (lets be honest, it was mostly old Office and New Girl episodes).  Pete also told me to have eaten lunch and be ready to go by 12:15 on Saturday.  Being inquisitive, I asked why.  I was shut down, and told that it was a surprise.  Okay...hmm... He knows this drives me crazy!

On Saturday I slept embarrassingly late, ate a quick lunch and the hubs finally told me what we were doing--going to a Valentine's Day wine tasting at a local winery.  YAY!  I loved the idea and I was so glad he thought of it.  The winery is Florida Orange Groves Winery, which makes all sorts of fruit wines (not just grape wines). 

We bought a bottle of their White Sangria in Key West over the summery and it was SO good!  The tasting was lovely, and we wound up picking up a couple of bottles to bring home.  After we got home, we worked for awhile around the house and I made a delicious dinner--Buffalo Chicken Nachos!  I'll give you the how-to in my next post.  We then watched Crazy, Stupid, Love on demand with a bowl of popcorn.  Such a great night in!

On Sunday, we again slept embarrassingly late (one reason I'm so glad we're kid-free right now), then woke up and ate some yummy strawberry muffins.  I told Pete that I needed time to work on a project for him for Valentine's Day.  It was just a little crafty project I'm doing for him since we're not giving big gifts this year, so Pete made himself scarce for a couple of hours.  I got my project done, Pete and I made a dinner out of some delish leftovers, and we made a trip out to Walmart and Target.  I don't know about how Target and Walmart are near you guys, but the ones near me have a starkly different clientele.  It's very cold out right now, and there were kids there wearing shorts and skimpy tank tops like it was 90 degrees outside, even with their parents standing next to them.  Ugh.  There was also a woman wearing hot pink slippers, shuffling down the aisles like she was sleepwalking.  Double ugh.  I was much happier in Target where people were appropriately clothed and lucid. 

Tonight I dedicated myself to the Grammys.  I'm LOVING Adele (though it's weird how she looks so much older than 23), the Foo Fighters, and Foster the People's Beach Boys cover.  Loved Taylor Swift, but her Dust-Belt-Circa-1920 dress had to go!!   We'll see how the rest of the show goes...

I hope all of you had a delightful weekend!!


Melissa said...

Walmart is the same here! Such a mess. Target is definitely a little classier. Love that he surprised you with the wine tasting! So thoughtful and fun.

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

I will have to check out that winery looks fun :-)

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