Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's Ok...

Hey Ladies!  Happy Thursday from the Dirty South!  For those of you down here, hasn't the cooler weather this week been amazing?!  I can't get enough.  It makes me want to play hooky and camp out at the park or the beach or really anywhere but my cubicle. 

You know what I could use today?  A big, steaming helping of It's Ok.  It's just been that kind of week.  Not bad, just blah.

It's Ok... fantasize about eating a cupcake all day long, simply because I know I'm not supposed to eat it (darn diet!) wish I knew someone who sold Scentsy so I can learn what the fuss is all about (though the Hubs would NOT be happy about me adding to my hoard of home fragrance items) desperately hope I can bring a friend to RockFest this weekend, so I'm not alone so much while Hubs is working, even though I know the chances may be slim (I love my man, but hanging out all alone at a concert full of scary, tattooed, pierced people isn't my thang) be ticked that I'm getting a new boss, who happens to have always been my peer also be ticked about receiving back-handed compliments at work dream about finding a pair of shoes that doesn't give me blisters go out of my way to avoid a certain co-worker who won't stop asking me when I'm planning to try for a baby (none of her beeswax) love Florida but absolutely HATE the Floridian creatures that mysteriously find their way into our homes crave Diet Cranberry Raspberry Snapple (I feel like I'm cheating on my Passion Tea Lemonade!) be annoyed at people who won't share their recipes with me (it's a peach cobbler recipe, not the secret formula to Coke or a nuclear missile launch plan) feel warm and fuzzy inside that my boss went on and on about my talents, since she's never said that to me before (and probably never will again) not have a well-developed retirement plan yet, but be satisfied with a growing 401k find comfort in making lists for EVERYTHING miss girl time.  A lot. get overwhelmed from time to time and cry it out.

What's Ok with you this week?


Meghan said...

I am so with you! I have heard so much about Scentsy and I really want to try it.

Joy said...

The last three are me, exactly! Hope your Friday is going great, and thanks for the follow. I'm now following you back!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the follow! Let's see...Scentsy? AMAZING! I have three different ones, and air fresheners for my car. The smells are so great! The one thing I will say that I don't like about them is their wall plug ins that look like night lights-I have 2 dogs that tend to be a little rambunctious sometimes, and have knocked over the hot wax onto my floor-it came up thank goodness!

And you might as well get used to people asking you when you're gonna have kids...been married almost 4 years and with no kids yet, everyone is wondering what the heck is wrong with us! Guess what? NOTHING is wrong! We just wanna have FUN!

Asha said...

Oh girl, I am constantly fantasizing about yummy sweet, fattening treats because I know I can't have them! And I miss girl time too. Are you coming to the next blog meetup?

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