Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Okay

Holy smokes, it's Thursday already!  I realized earlier today that I hadn't done an It's Okay post lately, so I'm doin' it now.  And I've got a lot of 'em.  Yay for getting caught up!

It's Okay... be completely disappointed in this month's Birchbox.  They're not all winners. miss seeing my first BFF (Twin) every day, but be glad your new BFF (Hubby) is the one who's here for me all the time. be long overdue for a pedi, knowing I'm finally getting one done this weekend have 20 unread magazines sitting around because life's simply been too busy to read them fall in love with Clinique Chubby Sticks and forget that all other lip products exist buy the same watch in two colors because they're both super cute and an amazing deal put off cleaning the house until the weekend, when it's going to get attacked ninja-style order two Wittekerke's with dinner on a school night take laundry to my parents' house when I visit because their machines work SO much faster than mine excited that my friend now sells Premier Designs jewelry because it's time to refresh my jewelry armoire eat the same protein bar for breakfast for months because it's that delicioso be miffed that The Voice and Dancing With The Stars are on at the same time both love and hate how much my hubby has rubbed off on me over the years, but I wouldn't have it any other way love budgeting but be impatient that progress on financial goals isn't being made faster lie to my doctor and tell her I wear sunscreen on my super fair skin everyday (white lie, right?) be a little afraid of sparkly nail polish (Is it cute or trailer park? I just can't decide, but I'm thinking more cute...) keep a running to-do list in my iPhone notepad because it's with me (almost) always lose said iPhone around the house and require Hubby's help to locate it on a near daily basis own 30 bottles of lotion but forget to use it every night (I've been the absent-minded professor lately) look forward to some much needed retail therapy this weekend melt when you see your dog sleeping like this:

And finally... it's okay to absolutely love my life despite its imperfections and struggles.  I know that I have inumerable blessings and rays of sunshine to carry me through any challenges that come my way.

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