Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Hey there girlies!  It's now the best day of the week, Saturday, and I hope you've kicked off your weekend in style.  I went to WW this morning and lost 4.4 lbs this week, so I'm definitely riding a high right now! 

I wanted to share my fantabulous Friday with all of you because it was really a good day. 

Everyone in my department of work left at Noon to go bowling as part of our engagement initiative.  I haven't been bowling in years, and though I don't hate it, it's not my favorite activity.  I tend to not love activities that I suck at.  I decided that I was going to go into it with a bright, can-do attitude so I didn't look like a spoil-sport in front of these people.  In making the best of the situation, I did what most girls would do:  Pick out a pretty bowling ball and laugh at the sight of my feet in the ugliest shoes known to mankind...

Yes to Carrots?  No, Yes to Pink Bowling Balls!

Super u-g-l-y!  Even clowns would be scared.

From there, we ate lunch (bowling alley pizza is gross, btw) then got randomly assigned to bowling teams.  I prayed that I wound up on a team of people who were terrible so I wouldn't feel so awkward about my lack of skillz.  There were 8 possible teams, so surely I'd end up with other people like me, right?  Instead, I wound up with 4 other women who were all AWESOME bowlers, the kind who have bowled in leagues since they were 12 years old, own their own bowling equipment and wore their own league bowling shirts.  All 4 of them.  Ugh.  I think they were equally disappointed to end up with me, who's lucky to break 70 and finds gutterballs to be commonplace.  Within the first 10 minutes, I knew I was in trouble.  They had already begun critiquing my form, my approach, my release of the ball, etc. etc. in an effort to improve my crap-tastic game.  This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.  Please let me suck in peace, ok?  Okay.

I actually found myself cursing under my breath whenever it was my turn, sometimes at myself but usually at the people on my team who just would. not. pipe. down.  It was like heckling in it's more positive form.  I got through the game with a grand total of 72 points, and even had 1 strike (dumb luck).  My team actually won the prize for best overall team score, so I ended up winning something!  I chose this little gem off the prize table...

It's a Jonathan Adler Throw Blanket!  I absolutely adore Jonathan Adler's gorgeous housewares.

Here it is in action in my living room.  I'm loving the gray chevron pattern!

Our leader let us leave at 2:30, so I went over to my company's employee store to poke around.  Usually I don't find much that interests me, but on Friday, I found tons of stuff!  I knew I couldn't come home with all of it because Pete would have my hyde, so I had to put some things back.  I wound up with a few new things for a grand total of $50...

Sam Edelman Sandals in Neutral Patent Leather

Fusion Beauty Line Smoothing Concealer
If you haven't tried Fusion's lip plumpers and lip glosses yet, DO IT!  They're the bombdotcom.

My company is known for tacky handbags, but I thought this leather bag had some potential.  The chains with pearls and crystals can be removed, and it actually comes with a long strap so you can wear it cross-body or over the shoulder.  I really just loved the color for summer.  I'm not quite sold on the gold studs along the top, but for the price, it will be a nice addition to my ever-expanding purse closet.  It's a Frosting by Mary Norton bag.

The retail price of all these things is well over $300, so I think it was a pretty successful shopping trip!

I ended up getting home early, and so did my hubby!  That really never happens.  We ended up going out to The Bungalow for an early bird dinner to beat the Friday night happy hour crowds.  Our food was great but the highlight was my happy hour special...


I spent the rest of the night at home with my little 3-piece family, watching tv and cuddling with this little girl...

I hope you all had great Friday and have even better Cinco de Mayos! 

Hasta La Vista!

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Nicole said...

I also suck at bowling, and know the feeling where everyone else is better than you are! Love the throw you got out of the deal though, it's super cute!

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