Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Recap

Hey girlies!  I hope you've all had an amazing Memorial Day weekend!!

I've actually been looking forward to Memorial Day weekend for awhile because for once in what feels like a lifetime, we didn't have any big plans for this weekend.  It was actually a big relief to both Hubs and I, because we've been running ourselves ragged over the past couple of weeks.  Usually we have barbecues or trips to my parents' house, but this weekend:  nada.  We just needed a weekend to chill and catch our collective breath.  And boy, did we ever! 

Let me just apologize right here for not taking any pictures this weekend.  I normally take WAY too many, but this weekend we were in relaxation mode and the camera (and my iPhone) didn't make it out of my purse.  No business this weekend, even blog business.  Kind of a blogger fail, I know, but I had to keep this weekend as simple as possible.

Friday was my hubby's typical work night, so I did my normal payday routine and paid bills, balanced my checkbook and all of that other housekeeping ish. 

On Saturday, H worked, so I met up with my girlfriend Tracy for lunch at Datz in Tampa, where we met a really adorable gay server named Josh.  If you go there, ask to sit in his section!  He's too cute for words and totally hilarious.  Some of you may remember that I was at Datz TWICE last weekend.  It's a good thing I love this place, because ALL of my friends want to go there all the time!  I like it enough to keep coming back, so it's all good!

After lunch, I picked up a bunch of clothes that needed to have altered for my upcoming cruise, and I was dismayed to see that my alterations lady has significantly raised her prices.  Of course she didn't tell me that until she was holding my clothes hostage and I had no choice but to pay her the ransom.  Booo!

I then came home to weep in my Cheerios, and was consoled by the fact that we were heading out to see the Mummies exhitibt at the Museum of Science and Industry!  I double majored in Anthropology and Human Resources in college, so this archaeology stuff really gets me going.  I know I'm a geek, and it really doesn't bother me!  We met up with our friends Joe and Megan to see the exhibit, which was outstanding and showed a great variety of both natural and man-made mummies.  It could have been longer, though.  We were only in the exhibit for an hour, and I would have liked it to be at least another half an hour's worth of displays and content.  But overall, it was really cool.

After we finished up at the museum, we went to Friday's for drinks.  I drank some sangria, which was surprisingly good considering that it was coming from a Friday's!  We usually don't go to Friday's so we were happy to be pleasantly surprised.  The conversation was great, and Hubs and I headed home to our neck of the woods.  We caught dinner at Cheap, which was also fantastic, except for the $10 valet charge (and no that didn't include tip).  Ripoff.  But anywhere that I can have sushi, pizza and tapas in the same meal is alright by me!  Later in the evening, we got fro yo at Yogurtology to top off a day of yummy food gluttony.

We then hit up Redbox, where we got MI 4: Ghost Protocol (clearly hubby's pick) and Friends With Benefits (clearly my pick) for an unexpected movie night.  It was divine.  We watched our movies while drinking Angry Orchard hard cider and Mike's Strawberry Lemonade.  They were so good!  Even a beer drinker like me enjoys the fruity stuff from time to time.

On Sunday, we woke up and made breakfast burritos (they weren't as good as my brother in law's, but they were good enough to make again!) while we watched the DIY network.  We love day-dreaming about fixing up a future house and getting out of this condo!  We then spent the entire day running errands.  We stopped by Eats! American Grill for dinner and got another movie from Redbox, The Change-Up.  Can I tell you that I am SO glad to have move rated-R comedies?  I remember a time not so long ago that the rated-R comedies were pretty much non-existant, but thanks to Knocked Up and pretty much anything else by Judd Apatow, they're back in a big way.  Yay!!

Today, Monday, I dedicated my entire day to cleaning, laundry and house projects.  That's the beauty of a weekend free of obligations.  I can do things like spend an entire day cleaning and not feel the least bit guilty about it!  Usually I'd just feel like I was working on things that could be put off for a later time, and feel terrible that I was not with family or friends on a holiday.  After spending copious amounts of time hanging pictures, organizing my office, sweeping and steam mopping my floors, and going gangbusters on my bathrooms, I feel totally at peace.  All is right in the world when my bathrooms are squeaky clean.

I hope you've had as satisfying a weekend as I have! 

What did you to this weekend that made you a happy girl??

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Becca Christensen said...

Sounds like a perfect week. I also took a blogger break and kept my phone put away and it was delightful.

I'd love to meet for fro yo soon!

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