Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Resurgence of Fug & Latest Lovelies

It's no secret that one of my great joys in life is shopping.  I love to check out new trends and get excited over what's coming next in clothes, shoes and beauty products.  Lately I've noticed a few trends that I'm loving, but I also noticed a few trends that I'm absolutely not feeling.  Apparently the 80s are back in a big way, and the particular trends are not, IMHO, the best fashion of that era.  In fact, some of it is just fugly. 

80's Fug

First up, neon.  I honestly thought that the ugly, blindingly-obnoxious neon of the 80's was long gone, but I popped into Forever21 the other day and was shocked at how much neon I saw.  Jaw to the floor.  In all fairness, some of what's being labeled as neon these days is really just bright colors--not like the gag-inducing neon I sported so proudly in my youth.  I am totally down with bright colors, I love 'em, but the serious old-school neon shizz just isn't my bag.

Charlotte Russe

No thanks.

Another emerging trend that boggles my mind is printed denim.  I remember owning floral printed denim shorts, as well as a HOT leopard print denim vest in the late 80's (I must have had a delusion about being a member of a hair metal band).  I also remember ripping those clothes apart in the 90's when printed denim was so very passe.  I simply could not believe my eyes when I saw floral and animal printed jeans in several stores this past weekend.  I felt like I'd been teleported back to 1988, except I was no longer 10 years old and my bangs weren't teased and sprayed within an inch of their life.  What makes it even worse is that much of the printed denim I've seen is in the form of jeggins or some other extremely slim fitting pant.  Nothing like skin tight floral print to make your ass look ginormous.

J Brand


Citizens of Humanity
Not in my closet.

My Latest Lovelies

So, those are the trends that I'm not feeling.  But I really do love other trends, and have had a hard time staying away from these when I head to a monument to consumerism (shopping mall, 10 points if you can name the movie reference).  Here's what I'm loving right now...

Floral Prints.  I hate floral denim, but I'm not anti-floral!  I love floral dresses, handbags, jewelry... it's so cute and summery.  Floral prints are ranging wildly from huge and bright to small and demure.  They're all pretty, girly and fresh.  I will love wearing floral (anything other than denim) this summer!

Kate Spade

J. Crew
Old Navy

Maxi Dresses.  I know I'm sort of short and squat, but I can't help but like the look of a bright maxi dress.  Maybe I just love the coverage for when I'm sunburned or feeling self conscious about my legs.  I liked the first dress below so much that I bought it for my upcoming cruise.  It even has my Hubby's approval!

Old Navy


Nautical-inspired.  I have always been a fan of navy blue, so the nautical look has always had a special place in my heart. But lately, nautical is everywhere, and I couldn't be happier about it!  There's something about a boatneck that pleases my soul.  I even wrote a navy and white striped dress to work yesterday with gold accessories and gold flats.

Vineyard Vines

J. Crew

J. Crew

Bangle Bracelets.  I haven't had a long and storied history with bracelets (I'm more of a necklace and earring gal), but the simple, classic bangle has always had an allure.  However, I've seen some crave-worthy bangles lately that are dying for a place on my arm and a home in my jewelry armoire.  There are cute, demure gold and silver bangles, and there are some that are big, bulky and colorful.  They're all beautiful!

Kate Spade

RJ Graziano for HSN

Vineyard Vines

What other trends are you loving or hating right now?  Do share!!


Jessica said...

I have the blue floral dress from Old Navy! It's one of my favorite dresses of the spring!!! And I can't lie....I'm loving the neon!!! My toes are currently highlighter pink!!!

Becca Christensen said...

I love nauticals and I love maxi dresses (even though they do not look good on me). Fro yo after I get back from DC?

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