Monday, June 25, 2012

Catching Up

Holy smokes, it's been a nutty week or so!!  Last week felt like a total cluster-- (well, you know what), and I was just praying to get through the week in one piece.  While this is not a pity party, it's only fair to call light to some of the weirdness that I experienced last week.

I came out to my car after a long day at work to see that my left rear tire was flat as a pancake.  Great.  It took me an hour to get Chevy's Roadside Assistance out to change my tire and send me on my merry way, but by then the tire repair shops were all closed.  I had to go get it fixed the next  morning, making me late for work.

My beloved iPhone's earpiece stopped working, so people could hear me, but I couldn't hear them.  Booo to that!  Thankfully, I'd purchased Apple Care when I bought the phone, so my device was replaced for free at my local Apple store.  Inconvenient, but at least I have a working phone without having to spend a dime.

I managed to kill my favorite pair of black ballet flats.  And I mean that I really killed them, while I was taking a walk around my company's 1 mile walking track at lunchtime.  Here's what I did...

Yep, I wore holes all the way though the soles!!  How the hell does that happen??  I just bought these shoes in November and it's not like I wear them every day.  Apparently Nine West has cheaper shoes than I thought.  That left me on the hunt for a new pair of black ballet flats, which seems like a simple enough task, but I had a really hard time.  I found a pair to hold me over, but I'm still searching for the perfect pair.

Three crappy, unfortunate events, but none were unsolveable.  This is when things started to look up.

On Thursday, something great happened.  I met my friend Becca from Oh The Places You'll Go for fro yo and frivolous banter.  It was just what I needed after a series of unfortunate events.  It's amazing how girl time and fro yo for dinner can soothe a girl's soul.  And I think I finally found a partner for taking crazy 4 mile walks along Bayshore!

On Friday, I went out to see Rock of Ages with my girlies Julie and Tracy, which was awesome.  I really wanted to see this movie and knew Pete wouldn't be into the sing-song musical numbers, so going with the girls was a great solution.  We also made plans for a girls night next Friday to see Magic Mike!

On Saturday night, Hubs and I went out for sushi with our friends Jess and Steve at Yoko's, the very best Japanese restaurant in Tampa.  While it was great to see my friends, I was also stoked about this restaurant.  It's out-of-this-world delicious.  I have to hold myself back from licking my plate clean when I eat there, it's just so good!

On Sunday, we were rained in while Tropical Storm Debby pelted us with rain and blistering wind.  We were lucky that our area wasn't flooded like so many places around us.  The best part:  I was able to be a good little house frau and get lots of couponing, laundry and cleaning done.  YAY for being locked indoors all day!

Today, Hubs and I were both able to make it to work and back today without incident, but the water levels under the bridges were INSANE!  I've never seen the water so high and black before.  It was just really creepy.

So that's what's been up with me over this past week or so.  I'm glad to be moving on to a fresh week with (hopefully) fewer surprises! 

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Nichole said...

Ugh, what a week you've had! I feel like whenever I want to buy something I can't find what I want!! Hopefully you find the perfect flats again, soon. I loved Rock of Ages and can't wait to see Magic Mike, either!! HELL-O

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