Saturday, June 23, 2012

For Love of a Pup

Most people with pets say that their pets are a part of their family, just like a child with more hair and less ability to sass back.  My dog, Bella, is most definitely part of my family, and I couldn't imagine life without her.  We've got 11 years of history under our belts, which is the longest commitment I've ever made to anything.  No man, job or home has ever seen this much of me or had my heart and soul like this dog. 

Love that face. So. Stinking. Cute.

She's got Dad wrapped around her little paw.
I'll come right out with it--Bella is very spoiled.  I have always joked about her being spoiled rotten, but the other day, I sat down and added it all up.  We have a lot of time, energy and money wrapped up in her, and we wouldn't have it any other way.  You know, she's family!

I recently went on a doggie shopping spree and came home with two new dog beds, new food bowls, a new food mat.  We didn't skimp and get cheap dog beds or bowls either.  We like Bella's accoutrements to be high quality (so they don't fall apart immediately) and have a little style.  Bella frequently gets new toys and collars.  Her current collar is pink with white skulls and crossbones.  (Thanks Dad!)  She has a collection of Halloween costumes and t-shirts, all of which look precious on her.  Pete even got her a little Flyers jersey this past Christmas so she be Dad's hockey buddy!

And then we get to Bella's diet.  I used to notice that Bella was a little lethargic and I saw evidence that she may be throwing up while I was gone at work.  After meeting with our fabulous, oh-so-chic Hyde Park vet, it was determined that my poor girl had developed food allergies.  The answer?  Put her on a hypoallergenic diet.  This meant ditching our cheap-o Beneful in favor of special venison and potato dog food that I can only buy at the vet, and the monthly cost is about the same as my electric bill.  Yikes!  On top of that, she can no longer eat rawhide chews (which she had a straight-up addiction to), so we buy her these special dehydrated sweet potato chews that cost $17 per bag.  Needless to say, we ration them out to her so she gets one every Sunday night, rather than it being a nightly treat.  Bella cannot eat regular dog treats anymore either, so we find hypoallergenic dog snacks.  What has really worked out well is discovering that Bella loves baby carrots as treats.  She gets those every night now.

After I wrestle Bella into submission for her routine baths, which she hates, I use Johnson & Johnson No More Tears Baby Shampoo on her face and Paul Mitchell dog shampoo on her body.

Bella is not a cheap dog, as evidenced by her curiosity getting the best of her.  She's wound up at the emergency vet a number of times by getting into trash, eating a pound of fudge, licking a poisonous Bufo toad, and tearing her ACL. 

And of course we spend whatever it takes to keep her healthy and happy... but really, Mom and Dad could use a break on this front.  She REALLY has to stop getting into things that hurt her.  Mom and Dad aren't made of money, you know.

But there's something to be said about treating your pet as family.  They just bring TONS of joy to us, and having her greet me excitedly at the door everyday melts my heart.  I just love her!

What extravagances do you have for your spoiled pet loved one?


Nichole said...

Haha, I just bought Gigi new toys and a new collar (with pink bones!). Our pooches are def spoiled but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Anastasia said...

Our Cocoa just got out on a diet :( I hate to think she is hungry but I want her to live a happy and healthy life so I am doing it for her own good! I cannot image our life without her. Our girls love her too and she is so good with them! I always say she is my third girl and the best behaved one!

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