Friday, June 15, 2012

Ghost Shows 'N Stuff

Tonight, my husband accused me of liking TV shows featuring douchy guys.  I gasped, "I do NOT!"  Then I realized, oh yeah, I kinda do.  I'm guilty as charged... damn it. 

My husband and I were talking about this TV show that I watch on Friday nights called Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, who's lead investigator is a guy named Zach Bagans. 

Zach, the guy in the middle above, is sort of meathead, whose spiked up faux-hawk and disturbingly snug, muscle-bearing t-shirts are part of the reason why this guy has a huge Twitter following of women.  The ladies worship this guy like a rock god.  But he's totally a douchbag, attitude and all.

But his show is actually pretty entertaining.  I'm actually a big fan of TV shows about hunting ghosts.  I seriously have no idea in hell why I eagerly watch this show because I'm terrified at the thought of seeing or feeling a ghostly presence.  I really have no idea if ghosts really exist, but just the thought fascinates and scares the bejeezus out me.

It seems like I've always been attracted to TV shows about ghosts.  My first loves were Ghost Hunters on the SyFy channel and Most Haunted on the Travel Channel.  These shows terrified the shit out of me, but I was strangely attracted to them (total moth-to-a-flame action).  While I watched countless episodes of these shows, I would sit alone in my condo, on my couch with a blanket pulled up to my eyes.  When I'd get scared I'd pull the blanket over my eyes like a little kid, then peek back out at the TV to see if the scary part was over.  Yup, I really did this.  As a grown adult.  And I kept watching even though it made me think every bump and creek in my condo was the sign of something other-worldly (even though I totally know better).  I found myself scared to death but still wanting more.

I discovered Ghost Adventures last year, and found it almost amusing how seriously the investigators took their jobs.  Zach Bagans makes me laugh because of how hyper-dramatic he gets on the show, and it's especially humorous coming from a guy looking like him (i.e. a guy from the Jersey Shore).

My husband, ever the comedian, had a couple of notable quotes while imitating Zach tonight, including:

"Oh my God, the ghost popped the collar on my pink Polo!"
"Oh my God, my hair is standing straight up!  Oh wait, that's the 1/2 gallon of gel I used."
"I wonder if he stops to do push-ups during the investigation."
"Oooh, 'edifice'.  That's a big word for him."

Not all ghost investigators are this ridiculous.  I actually had a chance to meet the guys from Ghost Hunters in 2009 when they came to town to film an episode at The Cuban Club in Ybor City.  A good friend of mine was a member of the club and knew I was a big fan so she snuck me in!  The whole cast was extremely friendly, warm and, well, normal.  The stars are regular guys who used to be plumbers who were ghost investigators as a hobby.  SyFy found out about their group, The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) and asked them to star in a TV show about their work.  Eventually, they stopped being plumbers and did the TV show full time (heck, I would too!).  They spoke to me about their kids, their love of traveling and how they were getting tired of long stints of filming.  Totally normal stuff, not douchy at all.  We had some cocktails with the crew at the Cuban Club's bar and really had as much fun as one can have on a Thursday night when you have to work the next day.  (Sometimes it sucks to be responsible!)

Here are a few pictures from meeting the team:

Me with Grant

Me with Steve (meow...he even showed me his awesome tattoos)

Me with Dave Tango (who was a total party animal in Ybor that week)

Me with Amy Bruni and that other chick from the show (I always forget her name)

(By they way, these may be the only pictures you see of me with my glasses on.  I got Lasik in 2010, and while I'm glad I don't have to wear glasses, I do miss them as a fashion accessory.)

I'm sure I'll keep watching these silly TV shows, and I'll enjoy watching Zach make a fool of himself, looking like an Affliction model while talking about things that go bump in the night.  Next up is the ultra creepy Dead Files, who has this odd-ball medium that talks about all of the dead people she sees.  Weird, but I'm still watching!

Do you ever watch these shows? 


Anastasia said...

I watch Ghost Hunters! My hubby is getting a little sick of it but I usually can convince him to watch it with me if I make him a snack :) I have never seen Ghost Adventures but might have to check it out.

We also watch a show about this group trying to find Big Foot called Finding BigFoot. It's pretty entertaining too!

Jessica said...

We LOVE Ghost Adventures!!! The Hubs and I watch it all the time. I'm oddly attracted to Zach, even if he is a ginormous douchebag. And yes, they take their jobs SOOOOOO seriously!!!!!

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