Sunday, June 3, 2012

Going on Vacay

Today Hubs and I are leaving on cruise to celebrate our anniversary!  We're taking a 4-night cruise out of Port Canaveral on the Carnival Sensation, where we're visiting Freeport and Nassau in the Bahamas.

This is Hubby's first cruise, so I hope he loves it as much as I do! (Mostly because I'd like to take more cruises and I want him to come with me without putting up a fight.)  I booked us in an oceanview room and let them know that it's our anniversary, so hopefully they'll do something special for us!

We're doing a tour and beach day in Freeport and we're striking out on our own in Nassau.  We're both looking forward to our day at sea to lay by the pool and relax.  That was actually our favorite part of our honeymoon--swimming and laying around by the pool for an entire week.

We're also staying in Orlando for one night before and one night after our cruise to make this almost a full week's vacation.  While we're in O-Town, we'll visit my sister and brother-in-law, which is always something I look forward to. (I miss my sissy!) 

My parents came to pick up my dog yesterday for a week-long "vacation at Grandma's house" (my mom's words, not mine).  Can you tell she's dying for grandkids??  She says she misses showing Bella off to her neighbors, and I know my dad feels the same way.  At least they don't view watching Bella as a chore!  Actually, 2 of my girlfriends actually seemed disappointed that my parents are watching Bella because they wanted to babysit her for a week.  It's hilarious that people love my dog so much, but I love that Bella has so many admirers!

I've got a couple of posts scheduled for this week, so I won't go completely dark.  See you soon!


Jessica said...

Have fun!!!! Can't wait to hear how it was!!!

Melissa said...

Have so much fun!

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