Monday, June 4, 2012

Our First Anniversary

Today, friends, is an extremely special day for me.  On this day last year, I married my very best friend in the wedding of our dreams in East Lansing, Michigan.  The thought of it gives me butterflies in my stomach because I can't believe 1.) that I actually got married, 2.) that it was to such a wonderful guy, and 3.) that we had this ridiculously amazing wedding courtesy of the most generous parents in the world.  I am a very spoiled girl, but also very grateful and thankful for the blessings in my life.

On our wedding day, the weather report called for inches of rain and terrible thunderstorms all day, but when the day arrived, there were dry and sunny skies.  In fact, it was extremely sunny and humid, not at all the dark, miserable day we'd been expecting.  I couldn't have been happier, because I knew I'd be able to get the wedding pictures that I wanted outside on Michigan State's campus!  We had no rain plan, so I was so glad everything worked out so well!

My bridesmaids, mom and I all met up at my suite for bagels and mimosas, then went to get our hair done at a local Aveda salon (of course).  After we got back from the salon, we came back to my suite and my makeup artist arrived.  She did my makeup first, then moved on to my mom and sister.  My girls and I had a ball getting ready together!!

We had a sandwich tray delivered from Jimmy John's for lunch, and my hubby-to-be sent a wedding gift down to me...

Black Diamond Earrings

Gold Rose from Steven Singer in Philly

I sent him a beautiful Citizen watch with a black leather strap, just like he wanted.  He loved it and wore it for the wedding!

After that, I got dressed with the help of my mom.  She loved my cute underwear that side "Bride" across the backside and the monogram label that was sewed into my dress!


After I got dressed and put on all of the finishing touches, I went down to meet Hubs for our First Look in a secluded courtyard of the Kellogg Center.

I was fighting back tears as I saw Hubs wearing his tux and looking the most handsome he's ever looked.  I could barely even smile because I was so nervous and excited!  I think Hubs was fighting back some tears too.  But I knew I couldn't cry because I didn't want my face to turn red and my makeup to run!!

After our First Look, we met our wedding party for pictures.  We took pictures at Sparty, Beaumont Tower, The Rock and the Horticultual Gardens.

Our wedding party went out in the middle of the night before the wedding and painted The Rock for us as a surprise!  I was stunned, but it was the best surprise I could have hoped for.

After we finished pictures, we made a pit stop back at the hotel, then we went to the Alumni Chapel.  I'd always dreamed about getting married there, and it was finally happening!

Then we were off to party!  Since we had a late wedding and wanted to get everyone to the reception venue for dinner, we didn't take any pictures in between. 

We made it to the reception in time to enjoy about 20 minutes of the cocktail hour and down a drink before we made our grand entrance.  Our grand entrance was flawed, though, because the DJ announced us as Peter and Kelly Carruolo.  Ummm, Kelly is my TWIN SISTER'S NAME!!!  He actually called me the wrong name at my own wedding!!  You can't make this stuff up, folks.  I just rolled my eyes, smile and walked into the reception while my guests laughed uncomfortably.  Friends are still joking about this today.

We then had a fantastic blessing from Hubs' Godfather, and then we ate a terrifically delectable dinner.  Usually banquet food is marginal, but all of our guests raved about both the cocktail hour food and the dinner.  I loved that people spoke so positively about the food because we worked hard at planning a good menu.

After dinner, we cut our cakes...

My surprise groom's cake for Hubs:  The Philadelphia Flyers cake!

We then had our special dances...

Hubby and I danced to "You and Me" by Dave Matthews Band

Dad and I danced to "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw

We tossed the bouquet, we tossed the garter and we danced our bums off!! 

We had so much fun and it was great seeing all of our friends from across the country together in one place and having such a wonderful time with each other.  It was the best night of my life!

Here are a few memorable photobooth shots from the end of the night...

So true!

My oldest friend and her husband with sage advice for Hubs

Hubs with me and my girls

My friends who can't put their wine down, even for a picture

Our friend Chris, who does a mean Mr. Chow impression (from The Hangover).  Nevermind the mohawk, which was pasted down so he looked semi-normal for our wedding.

Me with Hubs' oldest friend CJ

It's completely unreal that it's already been one year since our wedding day!  Everyone told us that the first year of marriage is the hardest.  Well if this is the hardest time in our life, then we're going to have it made for the next 50+ years!  Marriage has been incredibly easy.  We've really only had 2 or 3 arguments since we got married, and neither rose to the level of a full-scale fight.  We're just totally on the same page and we take great care of each other.  I know that it may not always be so easy, but I'm thankful for the wonderful relationship we have.  I know we'll weather many storms together.

Here's to many more wonderful years together!!!  Cheers to my Sweetie!!!


Lauren said...

Happy 1st Anniversary, your wedding pictures are gorgeous love the colors :-)

Nichole said...

Happy ONE YEAR! Hope you two are having the greatest time on your cruise!

Sam said...

Oh my gosh your wedding looks like it was a blast! And I'm so glad the weather ended up holding out for you! Your wedding party/friends look too fun!

Happy first anniversary! And cheers to many many more! :)

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary Friend!!!

Joy said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy celebrating and working on the many happy years to come!

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