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Psychology of Womens' Closets

Men are often mystified by the way women manage and organize their personal items, and by and large, they feel that women hang on to too many things.  They don't often see why a woman needs 50 pairs of shoes, drawers jam-packed with beauty products or a closet that is stuffed full of clothes.  They live simpler lives and generally have fewer wants and needs, or so they say.

My husband is no exception to this.  He's been gently inserting comments here and there since we begin living together 2 years ago, prodding me to get rid of clothes, shoes and products that I don't regularly use.  He doesn't want me to be a packrat, and I don't blame him.  I don't really have more clothes and shoes than other women, but we have a very tiny house so the issue gets magnified.  I do readily admit to having an over-abundance of beauty and bath products (it looks like I've stockpiled for the apocolypse), and that really DOES need to get toned down.  Score one for Hubs! 

Sizes.  Most women have closets full of clothes, half of which we rarely wear, because we hang on to clothes in multiple sizes because our bodies have a tendancy to expand and contract (in accordance with diet and exercise).  I'm no different.  I have my "skinny" clothes from when I was at my lightest, my "regular" size clothes, then I have my "fat" clothes that are one size larger and generally roomier for when nothing else seems to fit right.  So my closet spans 3 full sizes.  After gaining weight following my wedding, I've been psychologically unable to part with the clothes that are currently too small.  Getting rid of them would signify that the Battle of the Buldge was lost, and my fat is here to stay.  No ma'am, I will not be defeated!!  I hang on to them with the feeling that I WILL wear them again one day, and when I do, I want not greet my new self with a full wardrobe of clothes.  These "skinny" clothes take up a lot of space in my closet, and I know it.  But they have to stay.  I know many women who are hanging on to those skinny clothes because giving them up would signify accepting defeat, and women love to hold out hope for skinner days.

My "fat" clothes are also not going anywhere.  All women have days where they're feeling bloated and gross.  Amiright??  I have a few clothes for those days, even though they may not get worn very often.  They're a staple, and I believe that all women own at least one pair of fat pants.

Shoes.  As far as shoes go, I really scaled back on my shoe assortment when Hubs moved in, because I had to make some room for his shoes (boooo).  It killed me to pick and choose.  I kept what were then the essential shoes, and I even managed to give up some flip flops (leaving me with a paltry 30 pairs).  The deal with womens' shoes is that we can have 5 pairs of black heels, but the styles are all different and therefore they are indispensable.  And there is no such thing as too many pairs of flip flops when you live in Florida.  Ever.  Ladies keep shoes for any foreseeable purpose or need, and we can always think of an instance where we'll wear that pair of leopard print shoes.  Just knowing that we've got our bases covered acts like a security blanket.

Beauty.  For beauty and bath products, many women love trying new products.  This is one reason why I love Birchbox so much!  I'm one of those women who loves beauty products, so I've managed to assemble a sizable drawer full of creams, gels, wipes and makeup.   Like me, many women are always looking for their new favorite moisturizer, lotion, foundation or eye makeup remover, so naturally there tends to be multiple of certain products just from that search.  We amass a lot, then throw away things that are old and that we don't like, but we still keep a lot of these products around.  For ladies, giving up our beauty products would leave us feeling a little desperate.  What if I break out??  What if I get dry skin??  We keep a little bit of everything around to suit our skin's mood swings, and just being prepared with the right tools makes us feel good.  We love a full tool kit.

Bath and Body.  I know that my collection of bath and body products is abnormal.  I'll refrain from giving you a count of my body lotions, but it's A LOT.  Most of my collection comes from having worked for Bath and Body Works for 4 years and getting a lot of products for free or really cheap.  It was a blessing and a curse, because now I have to store all of these products I've fallen in love with!  I also became a loyal user of their shower gel and handsoap, so I'm always going to buy more of that when my supplies get low. 

My Closet.  I'm going to reveal my closet to you, just so you can see what I'm workin' with and why we have space constraints.  To be honest, doing this makes me feel a bit exposed, but I think people can relate so what the heck.  It's definitely not the smallest closet out there, but it's certainly not big.  It's the only walk-in closet that we have, and also doubles as a coat closet and a linen closet.

The top rack is organized by pants, skirts, short sleeve shirts, tank tops and long sleeve shirts.  The bottom rack are the items that haven't been sorted yet (my fresh laundry). 

The organizer in the back holds most of my shoes and a lot of miscellany, though I did give Hubs a shelf at the bottom for his shoes (so kind of me, right?).  The top of it is a catch-all for my sewing supplies, note cards, a heating pad and some other odds and ends.  All of our towels and sheets are on the shelf on the right, right over my Hubby's clothes and my dresses (hidden by the door).

That white drawer system is full of bath and body products.   I know, I know...  I'll be getting rid of a few things!

After explaining this to my husband, he seemed to understand more, but he's not completely convinced.  I feel good about purging things I no longer use or are no longer in style, which is coming very soon, but certain things will always remain.  That's the psychology of womens' closets.


Becca Christensen said...

Haha I've been going through some of this myself...only I don't have a guy to prod me.

I am happy to take any bath and body stuff that needs a new home off your hands! ; ]

One of my biggest storage problems is that I feel the need to have everything in 3's. You know because one extra shampoo is never enough. Must.have.three.

I'm a freak, I know it. Freak flag is flying.

Let's grab frozen yogurt next week? I'm going to Daytona Beach this weekend but I'll be back Sunday night so one night next week would be excellent. Want to hear about your trip!


Jessica said...

The Hub is on me all the time too. He doesn't understand why a girl needs 20 dresses, especially when I haven't worn a few of them yet. I'm waiting for the right place, right? I'm starting to get in the mindset to purge my closet and keep only the things I actually wear. Do I really need 4000 purses?

Anastasia said...

My weakness is purses. I love them!

I also just got subscriptions to MyGlam and Birchbox (that is how I found your blog) and so I might also be getting more beauty items to try and then to find place for. Of all the beauty items hair products and lip gloss or lip stick are my weaknesses.

Asha said...

Love this post! I completely relate to hanging on to the skinny clothes. I refuse to give up! And I have the same issue as you when it comes to lack of space. I actually took over our entire walk-in closet and my husband has to store his clothes in the guest room. We also share the closet in the office, ha! It's just SO hard to let go! :)

Nicole said...

Girl, you are lucky to have that much space! I live in a house with 3 small bedrooms, none of which have any sort of walk-in closet. Just ONE door that folds open. I can barely get my shirts, sweaters and pants in one. My husband has his clothes in our office, my dresses and bigger shoes are in our spare bedroom, and the rest of my shoes and coats/vests/scarves are stored in the hall closet. Your closet looks like a dream to me!

Amy@BuffaloRoam said...

ha! I can totally relate. My husband tried to tell me that for every new pair of shoes I bring home, another pair needs to leave. Good try, honey! ;)

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