Thursday, June 7, 2012

Remembering Our Honeymoon

Following our unbelievable wedding extravaganza last June 4th, we woke up the next morning and attending a brunch for all of our out of town guests.  We also realized that morning that we completely forgot to take pictures with our "Just Married" parasol that I had custom made to match the font on our wedding invitations and all of the reception paper items.  DOH!  We made sure to get a few good pictures with it just so I wouldn't be so sad...

We feasted once again and said our goodbyes to friends and family, then Hubs and I flew back to Tampa for one night.  It gave us just enough time to repack our suitcases, deposit our wedding money into our bank account, and get a good night's sleep before we went on our weeklong honeymoon.

When Hubs and I started exploring honeymoon choices, we loved the idea of going to Hawaii or Europe, but we realized we'd be spending a lot of time sightseeing and generally being very busy.  We both looked at each other and knew in an instant that we needed just the opposite of that.  We needed a lazy, lay-on-the-beach, agenda-less, drink-from-noon-to-midnight kind of a honeymoon.  Ultimate relaxation after our crazy wedding adventure was right up our alley.

Hubs and I chose to go to Sandals Grande Antigua, an all-inclusive couples resort in the Caribbean.  We'd heard good things about Sandals resorts and wanted to go to a big resort.  Grande Antigua seemed like a good choice.  It turned out to be an amazing decision because we had THE BEST time!!! 

We checked in on Monday and checked out the following Monday, so we had a full week of fun.  It was very hot in Antigua, but after living in Florida and enduring grueling summer heat, it wasn't all that bad.  We just learned to relish our moments in the air conditioning!  Actually several of the restaurants were open-air, so we couldn't really escape the heat for every meal, but we didn't mind too much. 

When we got to the resort, we immediately settled into our room, which was upgraded to a larger room with a stocked bar.  We had absolutely no complaints because we never had to worry about leaving the room to get water, soda, juice, cocktails, beer or wine.  (But we often did because the bars were AWESOME.)

We also took our first picture together on the balcony of our room...

On our first night at the resort, we had dinner at the sushi restaurant. Hubs and I did a hardcore low-carb diet leading up to the wedding (like the kind where you can only have 20 g of carbs for the entire day), so we were DYING for carbs, especially those in the form of sticky sushi rice.  Hubs erased the picture of our amazing sushi display, but I did get a picture of us at dinner.

You can tell this was early in our honeymoon because we're both still pasty white.  We then came back to our room and were greeted by these little friends...

As an appreciator of the little things in life, I am completely in love with towel animals on cruise ships and at resorts.  I had no idea that Sandals did them too, but I squealed with delight when I saw these adorable swans snuggling on our bed.

I couldn't bear to just throw them on the floor, so we put them at the foot of our bed while Hubs and I relaxed and watched a B movie late that night.

The next day, we took a tour of Antigua with our tour guide, Fish.  He was quite a character and everytime he took a picture of us, they were off-center.  These are just a few of the pictures from our tour...

After our tour, we had dinner at Eleanor's, the resort's open-air seafood restaurant.  It was divine, but it might have been the wine talking.  We drank a lot of vino at that dinner!

We then went to Cricketer's Pub, where we made some wonderful new friends and found out that the bar served shots.  Dangerous, but PERFECT.

Here I am, the one and only time I've ever done Kareoke.  Thankfully it was Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline", so I had no problem with the words, even being a little tipsy.  It was fun, but about half-way through the song, I realized that I was the only one left singing!  If I were stone sober, I would have been mortified.

For the rest of the trip, we just lazed around the resort, spending our days in a cabana by the pool or actually in the pool with the swim-up bar. That main pool was one of our favorite places at the resort. It was huge so you never felt like people were on top of you.

We had dinner on the beach one night, and it was a very serene, beautiful way to enjoy a meal.

I kissed Buddha's head and rubbed his tummy for good luck. 
I'm sure it gave us good marriage vibes!

Our honeymoon turned out exactly as we hope it would.  We slept late, hung out by the pool, worked on our tans, indulged in sinful food and cocktails and made new friends.  Hopefully someday we'll go back to an all-inclusive resort to do it all over again!

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Lane R said...

We debated the whole Europe thing and then ended up in Antigua too. We stayed at Galley Bay, omg, I loved it. I want to do another all inclusive someday, it's so nice not having to worry about anything :)

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