Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Dave Matthews Band Weekend in West Palm Beach

Greetings friends!!  I'm finally back in Tampa after taking a speedy but fabulous two-day trip to West Palm Beach, FL.  Hubs and I met up with my sister and her hubby for the Dave Matthews Band show on Saturday night, and it was a BLAST!!  I'm tired now, but so glad that we went and had a ball.

Hubs went to work at the radio station on Friday night pre-programming all of his weekend radio shifts to free himself up on Saturday and Sunday, and I stayed in packing and cuddling with my doggie.  We got to bed very late, and then got up early on Saturday to head out.  My mom and dad agreed to babysit Bella while we were gone, so we drove to Venice to drop her off, then we drove the back roads out to WBP.  We had a goal of getting to WPB by 2:00, and we made it there by 2:20, so we weren't off by much.  Because my sis made it to WPB early, she picked up all of our tailgating supplies and we were able to start tailgaiting at the concert venue 30 minutes earlier than planned.  I LOVE getting ahead of schedule!

We had a massively fun tailgate before the show, and we were surrounded by fellow tailgaters in a city made of pop-up tents and lawn chairs.  Everyone had DMB playing on their stereos, people were eating and playing cornhole and beer pong... really just getting rowdy and having a great time!  Someone even brought a generator to fuel a massive stereo system, which was totally impressive!

I had a bit of an issue at our tailgate and thankfully my twin came to my rescue!  I had worn jeans to the Tampa show, and had no problems during our tailgate.  I felt fine and comfortable.  I don't know if the humidity got to me or what, but on Saturday, I sweated all the way through my jeans! (I usually don't sweat like that!)  I felt disgusting, and naturally didn't think to pack a change of clothes (lesson learned).  Luckily for me, my twin gets in super Mom mode and always thinks to pack the sunscreen, Wet Ones and extra clothes.  She had a pair of khaki shorts that I changed into on the DL, amidst the hubbub.  She's a size or so bigger than me, so the shorts were a little baggy, but they worked in a pinch and I couldn't have been more grateful.  She also brought extra flip flops, which I snagged too.  And lemme tell ya, I felt 10 times better after changing!  (I only wished I had remembered to shave my legs that morning, but whatever, no one noticed or cared about a little stubble.)

Also, I wound up putting my new shorter hair style into a short ponytail to deal with the heat.  Hubs said that I had a "pony-nub" like Gavin Rossdale.  While Gavin's hot, that was not a compliment.  He kept telling me that my hair looked cute, so it wasn't so bad I guess.

We headed into the show, grabbed my poster (I collect posters from all of the DMB shows I've been to) and got something to drink.  I was the DD, so I was rocking a big ol' $9 Diet Coke.  For that price, I'd have rather had a beer, but I sucked it up and enjoyed my soda.  This gal had to keep everyone safe.

I had very high hopes for the concert because Jeff Coffin, the saxophonist, tweeted that this show was going to be "a blow-out".  I know they're taking a little break after this show, so I waited for the band to come onstage with eager anticipation.  The concert started on a great note with Grace Is Gone, meanwhile my husband was MIA.  On his way back from the restroom, he ran into my sister who had lost her husband in the crowd, and he wasn't responding to calls or texts to his cell.  Pete won some brownie points by helping her look for her hubby, missing most of the first song.  I was just excited when he finally came back to dance around with me!  He also bought me a DMB t-shirt to replace my shirt with buffalo sauce stains (yeah, classy).

The show was great overall, but a "blow-out"?  Eh, not really.  It was REALLY GOOD, but it wasn't my most favorite show of theirs.  They did play an amazing version of Two Step, my favorite DMB song, to close before the encore, so there was some serious happiness floating around Sec. 7, Row P, Seat 6.  Yet again, they did not play Granny, but I've learned not to get my hopes up too high on that one.  It never gets played in Florida. 

It took us quite awhile to get out of the parking lot, but thanks for some quick maneuvering we got back to the hotel around 12:15.  Hubs and I really weren't that tired, so we stayed up  for awhile watching tv and enjoying a nightcap:

Those, girls, are the very best chocolate chip cookies I've EVER had.  I'll post the recipe soon!  I think I went way off my diet and ate 5 or 6 between the tailgate and post-party at our room.  So delicious and worth the cheat!

Hubs and I met my sister and her husband for breakfast at the local IHOP, where I tried those red velvet pancakes that they keep advertising all over the place.  And guess what?  They were way better than I had imagined!  Give them a try if you get the chance.  They were on par with the red velvet pancakes from my favorite restaurant, Datz.

We drove back to Tampa, stopping along the way in Venice to pick up Bella from my parents' house.  My mom tells me when we're on our way that Bella hasn't been eating her carrots and has been yelping when you try to touch the right side of her mouth.  Hmmm... I confirmed it when I saw her and she's definitely not acting like herself tonight.  (Insert major frown here.)  I'm going to get her into the vet tomorrow to see what the problem might be.  I hope it's nothing serious!

I hope you ladies had a fantabulous weekend full of happy times!  Now, on to the week!!!


Nichole said...

Yay for DMB!! I love them and tailgating is a MUST! Glad you had a great time :)

Holly said...

Oh, DMB ... takes me back to being 18! Sigh.

I use to have a pony nub - ha! I cut my hair off one time and never again! I thought if I cut it off then I would be more prone to fix it. Wrong, I just rocked the worlds smallest pony tail! At least yours looks cute pulled back - I'm all forehead, swear.

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