Friday, July 27, 2012

A Little Random Never Hurt Anyone

I have all sorts of crazy things buzzing through my mind right now, ladies, and I feel like a random post will serve me well tonight.  Sometimes a girl just has to get a few things off her chest, ri-right?

  • I've finally rolled out  my new blog design!!!  It's about time that I upgraded this puppy.  I have to make a few tweaks, but overall I think it looks much better!  I have to say that I'll miss  my old blog header, but it was time to change things up a little!
  • I have a problem with controlling my immense urge to buy cardigan sweaters.  There's something about a cardi that sucks me in everytime, especially when it's cheap.  For some reason, I like to hoard this particular type of clothing, always needing the next greatest color, sleeve length, neck shape or button style.  My husband thinks I'm seriously crazy.  It's worse than my ballet flat problem.
  • I feel terrible for Penn Staters right now.  I believe that the NCAA sanctions were TOTALLY unfair, and aren't punishing the people who were actually involved in the scandal.  Those people are no longer affiliated with the university.  The NCAA's just trying to cover it's ass in the media, and it's missing the point.  Not only that, but people actually feel like Penn State alums should be ashamed of their degrees, their school and their football program.  So sad.  Penn Staters are amazing people whose values don't match the horrific choices made by former school officials, and they should never be ashamed of their fantastic education and the outstanding philanthopy of the school and it's students.
  • My twin sister thinks I'm this innocent, delicate little flower.  Yeah, me.  I was telling her about 50 Shades of Grey, and she told me I needed to wash my mouth out with soap!  HA!  I love her, but she has to learn that I'm a grown up, too.  Hubs would DIE to hear me talk about the things in that book!
  • I made delicious bruschetta last night for my hubby's potluck at work today, and apparently everyone loved it.  I'm becoming a good Italian cook, little by little!
  • I'm tired of eating lackluster baked goods and flushing valuable WW points down the tubes.  From now on, I'm only going to cheat with really amazing baked goods, the kind that you KNOW are going to be worth the points.  No more slumming it with crappy sweets.
  • I got a bunch of sweet EWTN swag from my company's cable affiliates department for the in-laws, and I'm mailing the package out next week.  I'm about to win major daughter-in-law points with my uber-Catholic family.
  • Hubs said he'd do the Date Night class at Painting With A Twist!!  I thought for sure he'd say no, but now we get to schedule it.  YAY!  Two tacky paintings, coming right up!
Much love to you as you head into a wonderful weekend!


Nichole said...

Like the new design!! Jason said he'd do a painting too!! What good men we have

Lauren said...

Love the new design and lucky that your hubby will go with you to PWAT!! :-)

Jessica said... did you hold out on telling me about the blog design?!?!?! I love it!!! And I love all your randoms today!!! Oh and I love you!!!

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