Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Second Cravebox

As ya'll know, I'm kind of obsessed with these subscription services that deliver fun goodies to my doorstep every month.  There have been hits and misses with these boxes, but they always make my heart race when I see the package in my mailbox or waiting by my door.

I got my second Cravebox yesterday, and I had high hopes because I absolutely loved my first box last month.  To be honest, the July Cravebox was kind of a let-down for me.  It's the Summer BBQ box, which contained items essential for great barbecuing.  Sounds okay, right?  Well, it's great IF you barbecue.  Some pieces were decent, some were completely useless to me.  Wanna see what the heck I'm talking about?

Here's what the box contained:

Pretty 4th of July themed packaging

Bic Flame Disk for Charcoal Grills

Mini Appetizer Plastic Plates and Forks

Lemonade Drink Packets

Whole Leaf Iced Tea Bag

Coupon for a free grill/candle/fireworks lighter

The Verdict:

Again, this might be an awesome box if you're into barbecuing.  I LOVE barbecuing, but our condo isn't conducive to grilling and therefore we don't really do it anymore.  My husband and I got rid of our old charcoal grill last year because it got gross and we weren't using it very much, so I don't think I'll be using the Flame Disk.  I think I'll share the wealth and give it to my sister, whose husband fancies himself a champion griller.  I also won't use the appetizer plates and forks because they're so tiny!  They look like something a 4 year old would play Tea Party with.  I am going to take the lemonade packets to work to mix into my water, and I may give the whole leaf iced tea bag a try, so those were good.  I can ALWAYS use another Bic multipurpose lighter, though it will be used for my expansive selection of candles rather than lighting grill.  I lose run through those lighters pretty quickly.

Overall, eh.  I will stick with Cravebox for another month to see if things improve.  I hear that this was an unusual box, and that internet land was ON FIRE bitching about it's contents.  Apparently they normally contain at least some beauty products, which I'm totally a fan of (you know that).  I'm not bitching about it per se, but it's not what I consider most useful or interesting.  I don't feel like Cravebox cheated me or anything.

If you get Cravebox, what did you think of this month's box?


Anastasia said...

I agree with you 100%! My 4 year old did love the plates and fork :) I mean for her and her stuffed animals they were perfect but for us adult they were worthless. The lemonade packets are good and I can always use another lighter but other than that it was a bust. Thanks for the entertaining post!

MariaSelf said...

I've never heard of Cravebox! I think I would love to get ANYTHING for my home/kitchen, cause I got NOTHING right now;-)))) I'd be SUPER excited;-))))

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