Saturday, August 25, 2012

An Evening with O.A.R. and the Tampa Bay Rays

In the past, I've mentioned that Hubs and I have committed to saving money and trying to accelerate some of our financial goals.  Over the past couple of months, Hubs and I have been making great progress on some of those goals, so we've felt comfortable splurging on a few things.  Boy, do I love a good splurge! 

In June, I found out that one of my favorite bands, O.A.R., was coming to St. Petersburg on the opening date of their Fall tour, and I just knew that tickets had to be one of our splurges!  What made it better was that they were playing as the post-game concert after a Rays baseball game.  Tickets to Rays games are pretty reasonable in price, but they get you on parking and concession prices every time.  Hubs and I haven't been to any Rays games yet this year, but this pairing made last night the ideal time to go.

A bird's eye view of the game

I've been a fan of O.A.R. for the past 5 years, and first discovered them when I picked up one of their live CDs on sale.  I heard that they opened for Dave Matthews Band on one of their tours, so I figured the music may be something up my alley.  I was wowed by their music and fell in love instantly because it's so upbeat and fun.  I've now seen O.A.R. live 4 times, and I'd see them more if they ventured down to Florida more often!

In case you're  less familiar with this band, O.A.R. stands for Of A Revolution, and the guys met in high school in Rockville, MD.  They kept the band going as students at Ohio State University, which is where the band gained popularity.  While I love that they were educated within the Big Ten, it burns me to love for Buckeyes so much!  It would be even more disgusting if I were a Wolverine (and I thank the good Lord that I'm not!). 

What does O.A.R. have that's so special?  Here are a few of my favorite things:
  • A drummer with a hot Jew 'fro
  • Asian guitarist with a pompadour
  • A killer horn section
  • A fan favorite song about poker
  • A little reggae vibe in some of their songs
We were sitting pretty far away from the stage at the ballpark, but the show was amazing and it was great to see so many fans singing along and dancing! 

We went to the game with my twin sister and her husband, who had a great time sharing in the ball game and concert experience.  Here are a few pictures...

The concert was awesome because they played so many of their big live anthems.  For an hour long set, they really made every song count and looked like they were having an amazing time.  While the Rays lost the game against the A's, the game was great and I'm glad we were able to make it to one this season. 

If you have a chance, check out a few O.A.R. songs on iTunes!  I recommend Shattered, A Crazy Game of Poker, Delicate Few, Night Shift and their latest song, Champions featuring B.o.B. which was written for the Olympics.  Enjoy!!

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Lauren said...

Looks like an awesome time! Love that you have a twin I really can barely tell you two apart in the pictures :-)

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