Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Monday, Love Isaac

It's been an interesting couple of days, as Tropical Storm Isaac slowly approached Florida.  I stocked up on some household staples just in case we were stranded at home for a couple of days (flashlights, water, cookies, toilet paper), and waited for the squalls to ensue. 

I woke up early this morning and checked the weather forecast.  The outlook appeared somewhat ominous and unpredictable, so I decided to work from home, as not to be travelling over the bridges during potential periods of high winds and storm surge.  Welllll, today turned out to be a non-event.  Sure, it rained cats and dogs and the wind gusts would have knocked me to the ground, but it was on and off throughout the day.  And Pete had to go to work, so it's not like we could have a little hurricane party for two.  Booo!  On the bright side, I got a LOT of work done while I was sitting on my couch with The Chew playing in the background, so it wasn't so bad.  Have I ever mentioned that I think Michael Symon is really hot?  If not, I should have.

Later in the day, I took Bella to the vet (they were open!) because she's had a case of the sniffles since Thursday.  Yes, dogs get the sniffles, too!  She was also wheezing and breathing heavy, so I had to get her in to see the doc.  I swear, my vet must freaking love it when I approach her office because the must see big flashing dollar signs above my head.  I should just open my wallet when I walk through the door and give them carte blanche at my spare cash because inevitably Bella's vet visits cost me a small fortune.  But I adore this dog like she is my real child, and I'd spend any amount of money on her to keep her healthy.  After an extensive examination, it was determined that Bella caught a head cold, and we walked out with just a bottle of antibiotics.  This is what my sick little girl looked like when we got home...

Awww, so precious.  So cute.  So sweet.

She has been extraordinarily cranky over the past few days, but just because she isn't feeling well.  She even had a couple of sneezes so big tonight that she shook the whole couch.  Poor little thing!!  Even though she's been feeling crappy, she still managed to jump all the way up into the front seat of my SUV to go on her car ride.  She's a spry old girl, that's for sure.  You'd never know that she's 12 years old considering all of her energy.

It looks like the rest of this week will be very rainy, because you know that Tampa needs more rain.  Yeah right.  Hope you have a safe, dry week ahead!

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lori said...

awww hope your sweet girl feels better!! i didnt know dogs get colds, but i am sure after a little medicine and loving she'll be back to normal in no time!

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