Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's OK: Shopping Addition

Here we are, it's Thursday, and this week is just dragging by!!  I can't wait for it to be Friday, and it seems like it's never going to get here!  I had a fabulous night last night, where I Happy Hour'd to celebrate Donnie Craig's departure to Seattle, then I met up with Becca for fro yo and a Nordstrom Rack run, then I came home and went on a long walk with Hubs and my doggie.  Oh, and I got more 50 Shades reading in.  Talk about a totally satisfying, whirlwind of a night! 

And now we're here, a day and a half away from the weekend, and I'm linking up with Amber and Neely for It's OK!!  And this week's It's OK will be focused on one of my favorite topics, shopping.

It's OK... value shopping with others as well as shopping alone buy favorite items in multiple colors and fabrics be a window shopper and not buy a thing buy items one at a time, so my husband doesn't freak out about one big shopping trip stalk online sample sales hate certain popular styles (ahem, printed denim) say no to skinny jeans, no matter how hard stores push them fantasize about a clearance on something I've been dreaming about not put up with any crap from crazy, overbearing sales people buy shoes when you have no idea what you're going to wear them with, just 'cause they're cute wish that I had a part-time job working at Coach or Sephora, just for the discount be angry when a store stops carrying your size in their stores but still sells it online, where you have to pay shipping be indecisive and ask for products to be held while I make up my mind think that F21 has a bogus return policy give feedback to stores about their wildly inconsistent sizing and awful customer service be a snob about shopping bags (love paper or reusable, hate plastic) love coupons and be unashamed to use them be annoyed that plus sized clothing is rarely as cute as regular sized clothing love bargains and only buy things that are on sale like online shopping more than shopping in person go to certain malls to visit only one store, because it's pretty unsavory otherwise

Do you have any rants or raves about shopping?

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Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Yes for coupons, and things on sale. Best thing ever. And really, F21 has become my least favorite store just because of the return policy.

Like that you themed your It's Ok...I think it's a fun idea. :D

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