Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's Ok

Hap-Hap-Happy Thursday, friends!!  I've been having sort of a weirdo week, where I've probably said far too much, but hey, it happens sometimes.  People have been asking me to speak up lately, and I did in a big way this week.  Yay me (I think)!  It has inspired a fun post for today as I link up with Amber and Neely for It's Ok Thursday, so it can't be that bad!

It's Ok...

To get really gutsy and be a little too honest

To try to make a good first impression and sometimes fail miserably

To kiss with my eyes open (especially since my husband is cute)

To dream about kicking the ass of the guy who makes my best friend cry

To keep a 5 page to-do list, but forget to grab my coffee before work

To be thankful for things I didn't get, because life has turned out so much better without them

To feign surprise, but not be shocked like I was supposed to be

To miss how easy it was to diet before I met Hubs

To finally discover the wonders of Thermacare patches

To love cold pizza for breakfast

To like Weight Watchers Giant Fudge Bars because they remind me of Pudding Pops when I was a kid

To tell some to kiss off in my head, but smile and act sweet in front of them

To keep a spreadsheet for everything:  budget, debt payments, to-do's, concerts... you name it

I hope you guys are having a great week! 


Brandy said...

Awww, I loved pudding pops as a kid too!

A Girl In Beta said...

There is no problem that can't be solved with a spreadsheet.

bonbon said...

spreadsheets are seriously the way to go. Even if my whole life is in absolute chaos I somehow feel totally in control with a spreadsheet! Although I would love to know how you make a spreadsheet for a concert! Just found your blog and I have loved getting to know you better. You seem like such a fun person! I'm excited to follow along!

new follower :)

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