Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Social

Linking up tonight for the Sunday Social, and this week's theme is centered around my favorite season, Fall!

This weeks questions:

1. What is your favorite Fall activity?

Oh, I can't pick just one!!  I love going to college football games (Go Spartans!!), taking long walks to see the beautiful orange and yellow leaves (and hear them crunch underneath my feet), going to the pumpkin patch and cider mill, and decorating my house for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Everything about Fall makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

2. Do you follow a football team? if so which one and why?
I am a huge Michigan State Spartans fan, because that's where I went for my undergrad degree and I grew up near the university.  I will always bleed green and white!!  Sparty (our mascot) even made a special appearance at my wedding reception.  Love that school and football team!!

3. What is something fun about Fall in your area?
I love that every local brewery brews pumpkin beer, the city has a huge Guavaween celebration in Ybor City, and hockey season begins (yay, Tampa Bay Lightning!).  Since I live in Florida, we don't have any other events that signal that it's fall--the leaves don't change colors or fall, we don't have pumpkin patches and we don't have cider mills.  Hmph.  Hell, it doesn't even begin to cool down until November!  But I'm not bitter or anything.  I'll just burn copious amounts of pumpkin spice candles, drink pumpkin spice lattes, and use pumpkin scented body products to get me in the mood!
4. Fav Fall outfit staples?
Cardigan sweaters, plaids and scarves are musts, and I like to pull out some corduroy pants for good measure.  I also change my handbag to a brown or black leather because it feels more cozy and sumptuous.

5. Thing you are looking forward to most about this coming Fall season?
Pumpkin (and maybe maple??) beer, all of the pumpkin goodies I mentioned a second a go, and LOTS of Saturdays watching football.  I'd like to go to a University of South Florida football game too, just to get some live game action (and it gives me an excuse to tailgate again!).

6. Favorite Fall holiday? Traditions?
Thanksgiving is my favorite.  I love the decorations, making a huge meal with my family and watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation after our feast.  

I'm pretty obsessed with Fall!!  If I could swing a trip to Philly or Michigan this fall, I totally would because there's nothing like Autumn in the north!

P.S.  Sorry about the lack of pictures tonight!  My computer isn't cooperating with me, but I'm going to get this ish figured out tomorriow!

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