Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Catch-Up

Hey ladies!!  I can't believe it's already Tuesday night!  Where is this week going??  It's been a bumpy one already. 

Sunday was actually a good day, but it was really busy!  I started out the day by going to the dog park with Hubs and our friends Jess, Steve, Joe and Megan.  We gave the dog park a try, but I think our dogs weren't really fans.  I have always known that Bella doesn't care for dog parks, but we went with our friends to have a doggie play date.  Bella found her self at home right here:

That's right, she ended up hanging out with the guys instead of the other dogs.  That's my girl!! 

Here's a shot of the whole gang:

In the picture, from left to right, we have Sirius, Bella and Spartacus.  Thankfully they all get along great.  Well, Bella actually bosses the boys around, and the boys know who the queen bee is. 

After the dog park, I met up with my pal Becca and went to Nichole's Lia Sophia party.  I had never been to a Lia Sophia party before, and they actually had some really nice jewelry!  I ordered a few things, and I can't wait until they come in!

On Sunday night, I wrote out a LONG post for the Sunday Social, only to have my internet die on me for the rest of the night and the post was never saved.  SO, no Sunday Social post for me, even though I was pysched about the topic, food.  There will always be next week, I suppose.

On Sunday night I also realized that I had committed to visiting one of my company's retail stores on Tuesday, which happens to be an hour and a half long drive from home.  I wound up driving there on Monday night and staying overnight with my sister, who happens to live in that city.  It was super great to see my sis, her hubby and my puppy-nephew, Charlie, but the visit was far too short.  I did have fun sampling a new pumpkin beer and "shopping" in her closet of old clothes, though!

On Tuesday, I went to the retail store's meeting, then had lunch with my sister before heading back to Tampa.  On my way out of Tampa, I stopped for gas at one of Florida's first Wawa's, and stocked up on Tasty Kakes and coffee for Hubs.  He was so excited to see the haul when he got home!  I even found the crumb cake cupcakes he loves so much, winning me major wife points.

I went straight back to work, and wound up having a terrible afternoon.  I probably should have just worked from home the rest of the day, but I felt too much responsibility and didn't want to leave anything hanging.  I came home, had a good cry in the arms of Hubs, and we went out for enchiladas and margaritas.  There's something about mexican food and margaritas that always lifts my spirits, kind of like shopping and getting kisses from my dog.  It didn't hurt that my husband kept making me laugh, helping me to forget about my bad day.  He's just awesome like that!

Now I'm looking ahead and keeping my chin up, knowing that I'll be super busy for the rest of the week and hopefully won't have time to dwell on today's events.  Dwelling on stuff is always bad, and I resolve to do it less.  I'll put it on the list with eating sweets, driving fast and procrastinating on my housework.  Must. Do. It. Less.

On a positive note, I finished the 50 Shades of Grey series tonight and I got my August Birchbox today.  For once I feel like my Birchbox is pretty good!  I'm happy with the variety and types of products, so a new post is coming!


Anastasia said...

I hear you on the work issue. I have had some recently myself. Thankfully I am going on vacation tomorrow so I can have some time away. I hope it all get better.

Nichole said...

Busy week!! I am bummed I didn't think for us to take a photo! Thanks SO much for coming :)

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