Thursday, September 27, 2012

Change is as Certain as Death and Taxes

Do you ever feel like sometimes life puts you through the wringer, only for you to emerge victorious in the end?  Perhaps this is where my life is right now, going through the wringer, but I know I will end up in a good place.

Over the past week, things have gotten hard.  I've been incredibly stressed, I haven't eating well (and hence not losing any weight), yesterday I broke out in an anxiety-induced rash (which has not gone away) and today someone side-swiped my car in the parking lot at work.  Sweet mother of pearl, when will the madness end?  It looks certain things in my life may be changing in the near future.  I can't really say what because I have no idea who is reading my blog right now, but I will say that it's nothing to do with my marriage or family.  Those are rock solid, thank the heavens!

I absolutely hate when bloggers speak in vagueries and code, but here I am doing it myself!  I don't mean to be a hypocrite, but sometimes life circumstances require a little... discretion.  I will be able to share more soon, I promise! 

I just think about life handing me lemons and me making lemon drop martinis.  Things always work out the way they're supposed to, right?  People always say that the only things you can count on in life are death and taxes.  Well that's not entirely true.  Change is another absolute that you can never escape.  I've been fortunate enough to live a relatively stress-free life over the past few years, so I figured change would be coming eventually.

Despite a few challenges as of late, a few things have been going well for me:
  • I have discovered how much support I have in my life and it's made me feel so very loved. 
  • Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream is back at Publix, so I've rediscovered one of my favorite fall treats.
  • I totally cleaned up at my company's employee store today.  I scored some tremendous deals and it felt like sweet success.  I'll write a separate post for that because I know you'll want to see what I got!
  • I had glorious shopping trip with my mom on Sunday and found some fab new clothes. 
  • My husband has given me amazing back massages this week.  He's really outdone himself!
  • I hung out my good friend Stephenie again and we had so much fun that neither of us wanted to go home.  We visited two malls and had a long dinner at PF Changs, which is a great time in my book!  She also dispensed some thoughtful advice to me when I really needed it, and isn't that what good friends are for?  I love that girl!
  • I found pink suede ballet flats on clearance for $20, and they don't give me blisters.  FINALLY, a cute pair of shoes that doesn't kill my feet!
Even though I feel like certain things in my life are headed to crazy town, I know good things are on the horizon for me and I'm not going to let things outside of my control bring me down.  Girl's gotta stay strong and think positive, so I will.  That's how I'll stay sane amidst the craziness.

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