Thursday, September 6, 2012

Changing It All: My Casa

Lately, I've been feeling the home decorating itch, and it's making me want to do two things:  completely declutter my home and fix up alllllll of the loose ends around my house.  I just want work on every little project that I've been putting off over the past year, and there are more than a few.  Then, I want to buy a new house and start all over.

Thinking about this makes me reminisce about my abode.  Last week was the 7 year anniversary of purchasing my condo.  7 years!!!  That number shocks me, because I never thought I'd live here that long and I seriously moved 1-2 times per year leading up to me buying this place.  It's a miracle that I've been able to lay down roots for this long because I used to get super antsy about my living arrangements.  My dog certainly thanks me for sticking to one place for so long, I know that for sure.  She HATES seeing moving boxes and gets very anxious when they're around.  She even had to take a special natural herbal supplement from my hippie veterinarian to calm down when we last moved. 

I bought this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo when I was in my mid-20's and wanted to own a little corner of the world.  It's quite small, 928 square feet, which was great when I was single.  It was just enough space and there wasn't much to clean.  It was perfection.  Hubs wasn't even a glimmer in my eye back then, and neither were kids, so all was right in the world.  Hell, I didn't even cook back then, so I didn't care that the kitchen was the size of a postage stamp.

Yesterday was also the 4 year anniversary of Hubs and I's first date, and about a year into my relationship with him was the time I realized that this condo wasn't going to cut it for long.  I made some room for Hubs to move in, and he we shoe-horned his stuff into this place, but to say that we've outgrown this condo is an understatement.  We're bursting at the seams, like Violet Beauregard turning into a blueberry after eating the dinner flavored gum in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

So, I've known for awhile that this little casa wasn't going to last much longer for us, but I've been trying to give it another 6 months to a year.  I figure that we'll look for a house once we get closer to having a baby, which may be coming sooner than I'm ready to admit.  (Let me diverge for a sec.  It's ridiculous that I'm getting into baby mode and talking about finding a bigger 'nest'.  I never thought I'd see the day!)  In the meantime, I want to go crazy on this place and get rid of anything we don't need.  By we, I mean me.  I have a lot of stuff, and I feel a good purge coming on.

Next steps after purging:  organize what's left, paint the master bedroom and guest bathroom, and touch up the paint throughout the rest of the place.  Organization is key.  I see an Ikea trip in my future, or maybe a field trip to a Container Store.  Those stores are like playgrounds to me, with endless possibilities and hours of fun.  YAY!

After the painting and the organizing, I'd love to redecorate the my living and dining room. It's been the same brown and red color scheme for years and I just FEEL something new coming on.  I will turn to Pinterest for inspiration, as always!  And my new Ikea catalog, of course.

Have you gotten the home decorating or organizing itch lately?? 

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