Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's Ok

It's been ages since I wrote an It's Ok post, or linked up in general... far too long!!  To be honest, I've missed it, but life has just taken me away from some of my routine as of late.  My goal is to get back into my blogging rhythm!  Part of that is doing some fun link-ups in the upcoming weeks, posting some of my favorite new recipes and finally add some of the posts I've been writing on my iPhone over the past two weeks.  YAY for goals!

It's Ok...
To keep a monster to-do list
To love my cheapo Aussie 3 Minute Miracle deep conditioner
To be passionate about college football
To have so much jewelry that I need to upgrade to a bigger jewelry armoire
To be in disbelief that my adorable puppy is about to turn 12
To have been into pumpkin before it became so stinking popular
To look away when scary movie trailers are shown on TV -- apparently I'm a big baby!
To feel deflated when my BFF has to get off the phone
To die laughing when Hubs said that he "used to be into The Bizkit" (as in Limp Bizkit) back in the day... ah, the good ol' days of rap-rock
To gag at the thought of fried pickles
To melt when I see this:
To want a Gucci handbag instead of new tires for my car

To be a little scared at the thought of motherhood (and no, I'm not preggers yet!)
To be annoyed when I can't read people
To feel a Sephora shopping spree coming on!
To be worried about trying yoga (it is possible to be terrible at it??)
To love seeing the Backstreet Boys in Old Navy commercials
To dream about buying our next house, but dread the house-hunting process
To feel like I'm one bad hair day away from a good cry
To love making new friends
For the best part of my day to be seeing my husband after work
To clean my house frantically because my parents are coming to visit this weekend

What's ok with you this week?

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