Monday, September 10, 2012

My Life Lately ~ Part 1

I admit it, I've been a little lax on putting up posts over the past two weeks even though I've had oodles of things going on.  I keep meaning to add new posts, but life has just gotten in the way.  Things at my job have been out-of-control busy, I've been dealing with a sick dog, I visited my parents, I've helped my poor husband who is out of commission and somehow managed to fit friends and commitments into the picture.  I wanted to go to bed when I got home today at 8 pm, but I have way too much to do to be that indulgent with my time.

Last weekend, Hubs and I both took a couple of extra days off around the holiday weekend, for no real reason other than that we wanted a break.  It was actually terrible timing with everything I had going on at work, but what the hell.  We deserved a mini vacation!!

On Saturday, Hubs and I had a double date with our friends Joe and Megan, and we decided to hit up Splitsville in Channelside for a couple of games of bowling and dinner.  Splitsville isn't like a normal bowling alley.  It's upscale.  They serve sushi.  They serve beer in goblets.  Two games of bowling and shoes for two people cost us almost $40, which is more than the typical bowling alleys in this area.  But it's pretty amazing, and worth the extra dough.  We had a great time, and I even had a few lucky strikes, even though I barely scored above 80 in either game.

Still dressed up from the RNC

This goblet was super heavy, requiring me to use two hands like a 2 year old

I promise I won't steal these ugly shoes.

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Here I am in action.  Please don't critique my form!

Proof that I got a strike and a spare on the last frame, and that I was NOT the lowest scoring bowler in the group.  Woot!

The following day, Hubs and I took off to visit my parents for a few days down in Boca Vista (aka Venice).  We had a blast lounging by the pool and eating our weight in lasagna.  My mom rarely cooks anymore, but when she does, it's so, so, so good... and fattening.  I was reminded several times that I needed to come home and detox with copious amounts of salad and water.  I also went shopping with my mom, and I came home with some cute colored jeans and a chambray shirt, which I'd been trying to find for months.  Score one for Kari!  Here are a few pictures from our little trip...


Hubs and I at our favorite restaurant

The best parents in the world, hands down.  I LOVE these two!

This Blueberry Rosemary Martini was my favorite cocktail in years. 
I could have had 3 more, but I was with my parents and didn't want to look like a lush!

Hubs and I got back home and ran a bazillion errands, including getting my eyebrows done, going to the doctor and taking Bella for her annual vet exam.  At the vet exam, I learned that my dog has been having some wacky allergy issues and now she's been put on doggie Zyrtec, eye drops, antibiotics and some ointment to treat a little case of dermatitis.  If it's not one with with Bella, it's another, which is just par for the course with older dogs.  I get frustrated about it, but then she looks up at me this face...

...and I melt into a gooey, lovey mess.  I just adore her!

Stay tuned for part 2 of My Life Lately...

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