Monday, September 10, 2012

My Life Lately ~ Part 2

Last week, after all of our busy-ness and time off, we got back to business and had a 2 day workweek.  This didn't suck at all, as I suspected it might.  It was actually pretty enjoyable knowing that the weekend was coming up again so quickly!

On Thursday, I met up with the girls from the Tampa Junior Woman's Club for a happy hour at Kona Grill.  I almost didn't make it into the happy hour because the weather turned on us and it began to monsoon--driving rain coming down sideways, trees blowing over and a white-out due to excessive rain.  I decided to wait it out in my car, and eventually the rain lightened up enough for me to run in.  I'm so glad that I did, too, because they had amazing happy hour drink specials, cheap sushi and HUGE flatbreads.  I opted not to eat because I wanted to go home and cook my husband a proper dinner, and the girls decided to start referring to me as a Stepford Wife.  Riiiight.  If only I had the Barbie doll looks to go along with the title!

On Saturday morning, I met up with the Juniors again to do the charity walk/run for Operation Homefront at Ball Park.  Operation Homefront is a great charity that assists our soldiers with personal needs and expenses.  Living in a big military town, this charity means so much to everyone and it's a very worthy cause.  It was only a 2 mile walk, but the beating, hot sun and redonkulous humidity made me sweat like I had just run a 10k!  I even used my free t-shirt to dab the sweat off my forehead while I guzzled a bottle of water and downed a Blue Bell Strawberry Fruit Bar after the walk.  I went home after that and took the best shower of my entire life... seriously, it was a big ol' slice o' heaven!  I may have been in there for 25 minutes.

After Hubs got home from playing DJ at the radio station, we went out to our favorite dive sports bar to watch college football.  Can I just say that I'm beyond freaking excited that it's football season again???  I am, I am!!  What would make it better would be cooler weather, but beggers can't be choosers.  I'll just pine away for sweatshirt weather while watching my Spartans kick ass on the gridiron.

On Saturday night, Hubs and I went to my awesome friend Kennie's birthday party.  I met this guy while we were both sales associates at Bath and Body Works, like 7 years ago, and we were instant friends.  He calls me Miss Moss (because apparently he loves The Matrix and thinks Carrie Ann Moss is a badass) and Twin Whore (which Hubs hates), and I find his silliness to be endearing.

You're my boy, blue!
I got Kennie a bottle of Three Olives Loopy vodka for his birthday because it looked like something he would enjoy.  It turns out that this is his new favorite liquor, so I chose well!  I really know this kid!  Loopy is Fruit Loops flavored vodka, and we tried a drink and a shot using it at the party.  WOW, were they delicious and dangerous!  You can't really taste the alcohol, it just tastes like the cereal.  Yum!  My favorite was Loopy, milk and grenadine, which tasted just like the milk leftover in the bowl after you eat all of the Fruit Loops.  We also tried Loopy with pineapple juice and grenadine, and that was great, but very sweet.

On Sunday, Hubs woke up in a terrible amount of pain and he could. not. move.  I wound up taking him to the hospital because he was in such bad shape, and after a CAT scan and tests, they found that Hubs pulled a muscle in his lower back, has gall stones AND has fatty deposits on his liver.  Yikes!  He's going to his regular doctor to get everything checked out soon and hopefully he gains some mobility soon.  I feel sorry for the poor guy, but I'm taking good care of him.

Well that's it for me!  It's been a busy couple of weeks, but I've been thinking of some fun new posts that are coming soon.  Toodles!

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